Can someone tell me the best way to figure out the best insurance plan for a cat? 2-3 yr. Turkish Angora

I am considering Petsecure because I can get a discount through my employer. I guess I should find out the typical costs of veterinary fees to compare to the plans that they have as well... He's due for a checkup in September.

Asked by Nyangpyo on Jun 5th 2012 Tagged insurance, cat, howto, turkishangora in Pet Insurance
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I got this website from Cat Fancy magazine and it is great because it compares them all and has unbiased reviews from people who have the insurance. You can get quotes for as many as you want. www.petinsurancereview.com I do not have insurance for my cats any more but I use a special checking account just for them. But I will be getting a policy for my new puppy and I chose Trupanion because they cover congenital and hereditary disorders. They do not cover routine care. But for my needs, I think they are the best. You choose your deductible and that determines how much your premium is and then they just pay 90% of your bills minus except the exam. My employer has a discount with VPI and I could even direct pay the premium from my paycheck but to me, they are the WORST. They denied everything I ever sent for my cats in as pre existng so I dropped them.

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