Can someone give me advice on how to relax a cat for long-haul air travel and when/how to feed him during this time?

Hi. I am traveling with Kiko from Ghana (West Africa) to Canada - we are relocating. This involves a 4hr+ flight, 3 hr layover and another 7hr+ flight to get there and we are taking him in the cabin. So far we have been trying to get him used to his Sherpa soft-sided cat carrier by putting him into it every few days for about an hour and also feeding him in it. He still doesn't love it and ranges between total quiet and high pitched crying.

I have a few questions:
1. People have mentioned using Rescue Remedy to calm their cats. How much do you use? Do you dilute in water?
2. Has anyone has had a long-haul experience who can share their tips?
3. How often should I feed/water him and how?
4. Any tips on how I get him out of his bag safely to walk him through the metal detector?

Thanks for your help! Wish me luck!

Asked by Kiko on Jul 8th 2010 Tagged airtravel, rescueremedy, sedatives in Travel & Recreation
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Definitely talk with your vet, tell him about your planned trip, and get him to prescribe a sedative. We used this method on a 10 1/2 hour car trip. I would also advise using a hardened plastic type of carrier as it will protect him more than the soft sided carrier. The pills usually last about 4 hours so you will have to give him a pill several different times during your trip. If sedated, you will easily be able to take him out and put him back in the carrier at the medal detectors at the airport. You should offer food and water, which he may not want. Don't get upset if he doesn't eat or drink, as he can go without it if he is stressed and he will be. Good luck.

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Talk to your vet. He can give you a small prescription that will let you have him sleep most of the way. A one time thing with a light dose isn't going to hurt him. I bet the vet can go by your cat's weight to predict when he would wake so you can time things for the lay over for a potty break and food too.

Much luck to you and kitty!

Salem answered on 7/8/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer