Can my 5 month old kitten get pregnant?

My kitten is 5 months old and hasn't come into heat yet but our male cat (who's getting desexed today) has tried to make kittens with her. Will and can she get pregnant?

Asked by Nimue on Jul 10th 2008 Tagged kittenspregnantmontholdgirldesexed in Pregnancy
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The Wisconsin cats

Female kittens can go into heat and get pregnant as early as 4 months old. Obviously it is not good for a kitten to get pregnant. If you male cat has made attempts to breed her, she could very easily be pregnant. She could have been at the start of a heat cycle and you might not have recognized it yet. I would see a vet and if she's not pregnant, make an appointment to have her spayed.

The Wisconsin cats answered on Jul 11th.

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