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can cats eat from dented cans, and NOT get sick?

I am a recently new pet owner still, and do not know the simplest of information like this sometimes. But I am always learning. I ordered a case of canned pet food for my cats and a few cans were very dented and some were just a little dented. I don't think sending them back and asking for new "undented" cans would help; because obviously these things are bound to happen with the shipping and handling process--and might still end up with dented cans.

I am concerned if this affects cats like it does in humans--we get bocchulism--don't know if that or something like that can occur in cats/pets. And I can not just exchange these cans at a super market, I buy premium food that is not sold in super markets. I know cats can eat raw, uncooked food and do not get salmonella--whereas a human would if they ate like that. Thanks.

Asked by Mush Mush on Jan 14th 2008 Tagged food, health in Pet Food
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Izadore (Izzie)

Congrats on joining the legion of Those Of Us Who Are Owned By Our Cats! It was always my understanding that when food inside a can was "bad", the can would more or less "implode". It was not the actual denting of the can that would spoil the food. As the food inside spoiled, it would cause the can to suck in the sides. This was lots of years ago and I would hope that the canning processes of human and pet food has changed and improved to prevent such things from happening. Your best judge is your nose. Even as bad as some canned pet food can smell, spoiled food has a certain stink factor. I would think it would also seem a little slimy and also look odd. Of course, if the can was so badly dented that the food is oozing out, then I'd throw it away and call the USPS or whatever company delivered it to you. I would also notify the company you bought the food from how your special food arrived. They may refund you just to be nice about it.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 1/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer