Can anyone tell me the difference between a Ragdoll and a Balinese kitty?

When I saw the Catster COTD today, Louis Cheng-McKenzie, I thought he looked a LOT like Pixel! I did a search for Ragdolls, and a LOT of them look like Pixel ~ at least in build, length of fur, even the attitudes in resting, sitting, standing. Is there a difference?

Thanks to all,

Katharine (& Pixel!)

Asked by Pixel on Oct 9th 2007 in Ragdoll
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Here are the links to the breed standards:



I am no expert on Ragdolls or Balinese but I have had two Siamese grace my life. It appears from a quick scan of the breed standards that a Balinese is a Siamese with a long coat. While a Ragdoll may have the coloring of a Balinese it is a bigger, heavier, larger boned, more muscular cat with a more rounded head (not the oriental wedge head) and oval eyes.

I hope this helps.

Pixel answered on Oct 11th.

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