Can anyone identify this kitty?

See her page for some pics. Sometimes she hops when she runs (manx behavior?). She weighs 5.5 lbs - she was a lil runt when I picked her up at the shelter at age 6 mos. I think she is a perma-kitten since she still behaves like a kitten, 4 years later. Very playful. and a total purr-ball.

Asked by Cleo on Mar 1st 2013 Tagged breedskitty in Breeds
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Splat Cat

Most cats hop when they run at certain speeds. Most female cats do weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. Cats with oriental breeds such as Siamese in their backgrounds often are smaller and have a lean body build and a somewhat wedge shaped head. Siamese mixes also usually are talkative, intelligent, and active even into old age.

BTW your Cleo's color would officially be described as red mackerel tabby and white. My first cat I ever had was a red mackerel tabby cat who was part Siamese.

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