Brushing vs. Wrestling

When you have a kitty that won't let you brush them, touch them, take care of them, how do you deal with it? I have had my kitty for 6 months now, she can't stand to be touched much less combed. She is semi long hair like a Burman...if she doesn't get could be trouble! What do I do? I have tried to only get a couple of "swipes" in. I have tried to hold her down...nothing works...Any help would be WONDERFUL!

Asked by Member 1061544 on Dec 17th 2011 in Socialization
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Chelsea is like that. If I force her, she gets so worked up that when I put her down she will kick the butt of the nearest cat that crosses her path for no reason just to get it out of her system. In general, she is the least well kept of my whole family of 9 Persians but I try my best. I keep the comb handy and give her a couple of swipes when I catch her sleeping. I keep at it until she growls and then back off before she draws blood. I do the same for matted fur. I have tiny grooming scissors and I snip a mat or two when she is relaxed. The only other option is to have your cat sedated and groomed professionally. My vet is for cats only and they have grooming services. This is a last resort when the mats get bad because you couldn't keep up. Chelsea is odd though. I can hold her,wash her face, brush her teeth, trim her nails and bathe her safely.You should also work with getting your cat to come to you for petting and take it slow to get her to let you touch her. Give treats!

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