Bringing kitten from Canada into U.S. by air.

Does anyone know what kind of regulations exist and must be met in order to bring a kitten from Canada into the United States. The transportation will be by air from Vancouver to California. Do you know which governmental agencies (Canada AND U.S.) should be checked to confirm the regulations, get any necessary permits, etc.? Is a quarantine period still required or is a vet's letter of good health and vaccination sufficient?

Asked by Member 1036793 on Jul 4th 2011 Tagged international, travel in Air Travel
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Our human's brother brought his two cats to stay with us from YVR and there was no quarantine, just vaccinations and a check-up. I would call the airline and check with them. They should know what paperwork you'll need and besides that pets aren't always allowed on flights and when they are there is usually a limit to the number of carry-on animals per flight. Being a carry-on is definitely preferable for your little kitten!

One thing you might not expect is that they will want to run the pet carrier through the x-ray machine and have you walk the kitty through the metal detector, so you will want to fit the kitten for a good comfortable harness before the flight and have a leash with you. I don't know what they do when a pet gets loose in the airport but you probably don't want it to happen to you when you're in that huge security line and just trying to get home!

Good luck and congrats on your new kitty!

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