Best cat breed for a first time owner?

Whats the best breed for a first time cat owner with no experience besides tv? I am wanting to get a cat, yet with so many popular breeds, and many types I am wondering which breed is the best for a first time owner.
-As well I have only owned dogs. So that does go with this as well.
Thanks for your help.

Asked by Member 1120820 on Jul 15th 2012 Tagged adoption, breeds in Choosing the Right Pet
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There are a lot of things to consider. I am always for adoption. For first time cat owners I would suggest a short hair cat. They do not require as much grooming(in my experience). Long hair cats will usually need regular brushing and possibly grooming by a groomer. As for the dog(s) always take it slow introducing a new cat to a dog(s). It will take time, unless you can find an adult cat that you know already likes dogs. Good luck :)

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Here's one page that you might want to check out:

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Izadore (Izzie)

As Boulder said, adopting from a shelter is a wonderful idea. There are so many homeless cats out there. It's not so much the breed as the personality of the cat. When you visit a shelter, tell the staff that you are a first timer. If you currently have dogs, mention that as well. Share with the staff your schedule and the amount of time you think you will have to devote to a cat. Cats are easier to care for than dogs, but they still require some training and attention. My first cat was a long-haired, 10 year old male. He was as affectionate as they come, loved my dogs and was the best first cat anyone could have. Be wary of a kitten as if you do have dogs, they may see it as prey. Do not impulse adopt based on color or appearance. The most beautiful cat may be high-maintenance. Let the staff of the shelter or rescue guide and advise you. They know their cats and will be able to make a good match based on what you tell them about yourself and your lifestyle.

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Don't put your focus on the breed of the cat. Just because a breed typically may have the traits you are looking for, does not mean the cat you find has those traits. You're better off going to a local shelter and looking at the cats there. Most places have descriptions of the cats' personalities they have observed during the care of the cat. They should be able to point out the cat that best fits what you are looking for. Do you want a cat that does its own thing and doesn't need a lot of attention, or do you want one that snuggles, etc. These are important questions to ask yourself before adopting a cat to make sure you adopt a cat that bets fits you.

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All of the suggestions about getting a shelter kitty are great, we have had a number of them, including our first Egyptian Mau, identified as such by her vet. Since you are a dog lover, going to make a breed suggestion: Look into an Ocicat. Often described as having the soul of a dog in the body of a cat, they are not like other cats. Google the breed, we actually had never heard of them before our daughters surprised us with Saphira, an adult female Oci, last Christmas. She is a total joy, curled up at my feet as I type this. Check her Catster page.

Whatever you decide, good luck with your new kitty!

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