Arm & Hammer Double Duty users?

Does anybody know if they changed the formula? I loved it because it clumped really well, worked on odors but was not dusty. But the last 2 boxes I got at BJs Wholesale Club were so dusty that when I filled the litterboxes it coated the entire bathroom in dust and then raised a cloud every time I scooped. This won't work with my allergies nor my Persians sensitive squishy faces. Has anyone else bought it recently from a store with a good turnover of merchandise? Maybe they just had a bad batch at BJs and I need to wait for them to restock. I had given up on Scoop Away because of the dust but I bought that today because by comparison it's less dusty than the A&H seems to have become. And the girls do not like any of the natural products like Feline Pine or World's Best Cat litter which would be my first choice over clay. (not to mention that my dog thinks World's Best is a huge bowl of free corn flakes....UGH!)

Asked by Allie on Mar 25th 2012 Tagged dustylitter in Pet Products
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Stick with brand names that claim clumping superior features. Best of all scoop Kitty's box often.yeah I had a whole bunch of dogs who enjoyed Kitty biscuits. I ended up putting the litter box on a table Kitty could get to but the canine litter raiders couldn't. My cats said ""ha ha ha ha" as they looked down on them. My whippet said "what? Who? Where did that rabbit go?" I've had sulukies,Afghans,Borzoi, etc.. ADHD

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I do believe that Arm & Hammer have certainly changed their formula. I used this brand for a couple of years & I liked it. All of a sudden every box I bought did the very same thing that you said yours did. I use Pro Pet Fresh Results Clumping Litter now. The problem is that it's only sold at Walmart & not all Walmarts carry it. Good luck on finding a new litter.

Twinkle answered on 3/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer