Are kittens okay outside in a protected area of my backyard in 100 degree heat?

A neighborhood cat had kittens in my backyard under the deck and she left them. I have been feeding them, playing with them, talking to them, etc. so they will be adoptable at some point. They have made a lot of progress, but not enough for me to do more than pet them while they are eating. I have two main concerns, first,are they ok outside in 100 degree heat? They have a covered patio, an underground spot below the deck, and ceiling fans that I leave on for them. I feed them wet food and plenty of fresh water twice a day.I have indoor cats and don't want to comingle them until the kittens get a clean bill of health from the vet which leads to my other question. How will I get all of the little guys to the vet when I can't do more than pet them? Help!

Asked by Member 1177189 on Jun 26th 2013 in Adoption & Rescue
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I live in FL, it is really, really hot here, high 90's with a heat index in the 100's. I have a feral cat that I care for. She manages to find a big shady palmetto that she hides under that is in my neighbor's yard, or several other shady bushes that she manages to burrow into during the day. She does quite well. I do leave her a water bowl and I change it out several times a day when it's so hot. Hopefully you can trap that momma..I wasn't sure if she was still around, but you could contact a rescue that knows how to trap a feral, they will probably loan you a trap and tell you how to use it. That way you could get her fixed so she doesn't end up pregnant again. The kittens should be fairly easy to trap. If they are eating on their own, you could trap them any time, probably in a small dog crate. They only need to be 2 pounds to be neutered. You are doing a great thing caring for them. They are so lucky to have a guardian angel.

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