Anyone ever deal with a bladder blood clot?

My darling Seamus, almost 3, just spent 6 days in the emergency vet. I caught him leaking very bloody urine on the comforter of the bed. I was able to quarantine him, get a decent sample and get him and the sample to the vet within hours. He was cathed with a partial obstruction, 90% full bladder and in significant pain. After 2 days of no color change in his urine, an ultrasound was done. A large blood clot was found in his bladder. He's been looked at by 5 vets and an internist and not one of them could determine the reason for the clot.

After a plasma transfusion (still trying to determine if there's a factor problem) on day 4 the blood clot started to shrink. He went off the cath for 2 days and is urinating without incident so he's been sent home with meds incl. vitamin K and is on watch for blockage again.

Has anyone dealt with a large bladder blood clot? Any idea why this could have happened? He was checked for external injury thinking possible trauma, none found.


Asked by Seamus on Jul 2nd 2009 Tagged bloodclot, urine, bladder, flutd, fus, lutd, obstruction, pu in Illness & Disease
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I've never seen this but did he have bladder stones or a urine pH that could have caused them? I wonder if a bladder stone could have cut the inside of his bladder and caused a bleed that could have formed a clot? He had a blockage so the blood wouldn't get flushed out with the urine and I wonder if a high/low pH would make it more likely to form a clot. I'm just guessing but am interested if anyone else has seen anything like this.

Xena answered on Jul 2nd.

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