Another Curious owner! What breed/color/fur length does my cat look?

I know it's hard to tell with mixed breeds, but I wanted to know what to list her under here on the site.
She has snowshoe markings on two of her paws, and on the others the spots are distorted :P she also has really light cream stripes on her front legs
The tufts of hair on her ears might indicate she will have medium/long hair, right?

pictures here: www.catster.com

ps: I'm sorry if the question is silly... it's just that both my cats are from shelters and I really don't know anything about cat breeds/colors! I pick them based on their personality

Asked by Leah on Jan 14th 2011 in Snowshoe
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She does look like she will have medium length hair and I'd say with those blue eyes, siamese is a good guess for what breed she may have in her mix. Her color appears to be seal lynx point. The M on her forehead is a common marking for a lynx point. Her colors and markings will continue to develop over the first couple of years and she may look completely different when she is older and it will be easier to tell what breed she resembles when she is older. Siamese, himalayans ragdolls, etc. are all born white and change a lot over the first couple of years.

Maggie answered on 1/14/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Actually, most cats don't have breeds, unlike dogs. In fact, most cats are just generic cats with no recognizable breed genetic input. I would guess that Leah is part Siamese and part moggy (generic cat). The moggy influence can be seen in the tabby markings and the white boots. The Siamese influence can be seen in the fact that she has dark shading on her extremities (except her white feet), and her blue eyes. Also, although kittens tend to have triangular heads and large ears anyway, this is also a Siamese characteristic. As for the fact that her fur is of medium length, my guess is that that comes from a domestic medium hair ancestor. The Snowshoe breed is very rare, but Siamese have contributed a lot to the moggy population, so I would guess Siamese rather than Snowshoe. Whether her Siamese ancestor was a parent, or a somewhat more distant relative, I can't say.

Lola answered on 1/15/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer