Am I feeding my kittens enough?!

I did some research and have settled on feeding my 2 4-month old kittens Wellness canned kitten food. I've been putting ~6oz of canned food out at 7am, ~6oz out when I get home around 4:30pm, and another ~6oz at night when I go to bed around 10pm. Is this enough food for both kittens? I worry because every time I go to refill/look at their bowl it's empty! Also, both kittens are eating from the same bowl, so how do I make sure each is getting enough food? I just want to make sure they are healthy and happy and not hungry!

Asked by Member 1129739 on Sep 7th 2012 Tagged kitten, food, two, bowls, sharing in Pet Food
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Aww im sure you are doing a brilliant job, bet your house is fun with two kittens running about!
With them eating out of the same bowl i would reccomend ''policing'' thier feedings and putting thier bowls further apart, when one strays gently pick them up and pop them in front of thier own dinner again,stay untill kitties are full and remove any extra food, usually it take a few or more goes!
Thier bowls being empty is a good sign, healthy kittens eat up thier dinner, and then unless they are meowing, acting lethargic, or irritated, i wouldnt worry that you are underfeeding them. Sometimes over feeding can be just as detremental, take your cues from your growing kitties, if they look full and contented...chances are that they are fine. Relax and enjoy your furry bundles . hope you are well

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