Adult male persian cat isn't acting quite right. He's very lethargic and un-energetic. What does this mean?

I dont have a cat but I live in an apartment building full of cats that frequent my place. There's a cat outside right now and all i know for sure is that it's persian, adult and male. He frequents my apartment a lot, but he's acting quite strange today. Usually he's averse to excessive touching and walks fast and attacks food but today, he's just lying there, no matter how much I'm stroking him. I dont even know which floor/apt he lives in, to take him back. He didnt even eat the food with as much gusto as he usually does. I cant take him to the vet, though.

Also on a side note, one of his seems to be functioning rather slower than his other eye. He cant seem to get it fully open.

What should I do? Is he sick? Is this normal? Do cats have a time when they're all serene and lazy? Even the usually jumpy ones?

Asked by Member 1174856 on Jun 11th 2013 Tagged persian, adult, male, lethargic, food, strength in Illness & Disease
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Panda Bear

Hello, there are purebreed rescue groups in most metropolitan areas. I would call them about the cat and tell them that he might be sick, he has no home and needs a rescue. There are breed lovers that will come... call your local humane society for the persian group number and provide them with the location, directions and times that you usually see the cat(s). ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 7/15/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Cats can have lazy days but they don't have the symtpoms he is having. You can take him to the vet and see if he has a microchip to identify his owners. If he doesn't have a microchip you might consider keeping him in your apartment and posting found cat signs to find his owners and if you find them you can explain his symptoms and they will decide if they want to take him to the vet. If you can't find his owners and he gets worse (has more symptoms) or doesn't get better you can take him to the vet and if you give up your rights to him they will usually take care of him for free and then adopt him out. I hope he gets better soon!

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