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Hello everyone,

I have a question about cat psychological health concerning his adoption and i hope someone can help me to get some information about it .

In a special situation a had to give the older cats that i have in my house for adoption because they are 16(with the kittens but only the older will be adopted) and my parents think it's a lot .but the problem is that the cats they are actually used with each other th older cats they are about 4 months will they be able to get used with new people ? also i met a girl she s a student living alone so the cat will stay alone in the house while she's outside is that ok for the cat ? and what is the perfect age of a cat for adoption ?

(sorry for my english)


Asked by Member 1217430 on Jun 11th 2014 Tagged adoption, psychologicalhealthofcat in The Adoption Process
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Panda Bear

So you are saying that you had to give HOW MANY 16-year-old cats away because you got kittens? That is CRUEL and unfair to the older cats, who are 80 years old in human years. Do you mean 16 weeks, which are still kittens- which is not NEARLY as much of a big deal. Please brush up on your English because your listing does not make much sense due to the lack of specifics, and you do not state how many cats there are total. Why are you giving them away, and are the older ones being adopted out together? If not, this makes a bad situation MUCH worse!! There is no wrong age to adopt a cat, but cats older than nine are much harder to adopt out due to health problems. Kittens are the easiest to adopt out due to their playfulness. Indoor cats are actually safer than those left to fend for themselves outdoors. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 6/12/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer