Adopted a new cat but my previous 2 are the ones hissing at each other. Why are they mad at each other?

I currently have 2 female cats and I just brought home a new boy. He is not a kitten but a little younger than my other 2 and I have had him separated from my girls since I brought him home. (all 3 are spayed/neutered) My girls have always loved each other and never had an issue getting along but now one of them constantly hisses and growls at her sister. For a couple minutes they will clean each other and act somewhat normal and then it goes back to hissing. I knew they wouldn't like the new cat right away but I NEVER thought they would turn on each other. Please help!! I don't want my girls who were so close to hate each other forever.

Asked by Member 1181338 on Jul 19th 2013 in Aggression
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Panda Bear

It won't be forever... they are just blaming each other and won't attack a baby. It was good to bring in a little boy. I have a new girl kitten and already had two boys and a girl. One boy is the same age (7 1/2) as his sister, and has been attacking her more since the new one came. They all accept her already, but they're not going to really smack her around until she's older. Then again, they might let her eat first, jump on their heads etc. The one boy who was acting out against his sister was also ignoring me because I wasn't giving him enough attention. When I made an extra effort he would leave the other one alone, and that is what I suggest for the one of yours who feels like she has been replaced. Get a special treat just for her like an oceanfish cat greenie bag, and give her a couple a day (especially after feeding wet food) just to strengthen your bond and remind her she's still loved. It WILL help!! ^_^

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