A vet once told me there is something I can put in my cats water for my allergies does anyone know what that it?

I am 8 weeks prego and I've known for a couple weeks. I cannot take my zyrtec that I have been taking every night for the last couple years. So I have been not taking anything at all. I have other allergies but the allergy yo my cats is the worse and I miss kissing and cuddling them. Once a wet told me there was something I could put in their water to help with their dander. Does anyone what this is and where I can get it from? I miss my kitty loves.

Asked by Monster on Jul 17th 2013 Tagged pregnancy, allergens, water, food in Allergies
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Cinnamon Tabasco

Adding tiny amounts of acepromazine, a prescribed tranquilizer, to a pet’s food or water is thought by some veterinarians to reduce or remove the protein that causes cat allergies.


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Izadore (Izzie)

I've never heard of anything like that. Your best idea is to work with your obstetrician and your vet to resolve your allergy issues or at least make them tolerable. You don't want to dose your cats with anything without checking with your vet first and getting their approval and counseling on dosages. There are other things you or your partner can do, also, like frequent vacuuming and having someone else do a daily brushing of your cats to keep down the dander.

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