Can anyone tell me why my cat keeps playing in her water bowl after she got spayed?

She has never done this before and she only keeps her right paw in the water like she cant tell its in water. then as soon as she trys to put her left paw in she stops cause like i thought cats hate water. We thought maybe she was still feeling the medication last night but its been a couple days and its getting to a point where we have to put her water bowl away or she will spill it all. There has to be an explination to this, if anyone can picture whats going on and might have a solution please let me know!! :D

Asked by Member 1149456 on Jan 11th 2013 Tagged water, cat, spayed, weird, behavior in Behavior & Training
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Even though the Turkish Van cat can swim does not mean all other breeds of cats cant swim!Your cat has had an OK reaction to water.After been spayed,she might end up acting like a fool with water for a few days.Most cats hate water but sometimes they like the way water moves.She seems to like water on her paws now like my cat.The accidents of water spilling is not a good situation.Its best to get her not used to water so she wont do it anymore.I suggest washing your hands with water but no soap and then try petting your cat.Your cat will not like the way the water sinks into her skin and she will not like it.Do this multiple times when she plays with her water bowl,she will get the message! :)

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