3 cats, 1 male,1 female that are true siblings & 1 female that was here 1st. Male and other female fight other female.

All 3 have been fixed. The siblings were feral but had no problems before our 4th female passed away. Kind of like she kept the peace and now that she's gone the male and other female will not let the other female anywhere near the house without attacking her. We have put her in the house at night and try to let her get her outside time during the day but it's a nightmare for her to get to the garage to get anything to eat or drink. She loves being outside and it's just unfair that she's forced to go to the woods and not be able to chill around the house like the other 2. I'm concerned that the male, who is much larger, is going to really hurt her one day. They used to snuggle and get along like good little brother and sister kitties but it's a total nightmare now.

Asked by Member 1105538 on Apr 12th 2012 in Aggression
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I hope all cats concerned are nuetered or spayed . And if They go outside they need to be checked and treated for a whole lot of disease and parasites. Stressed animals are likely victims and once they are They may be over ran. Keep an eye out. Interfere if you must. But its a natural pecking order and if we Keep them healthy and looked out for they will work it out. "CATS ARE MYSTERIOUS FOLK" HEMMINGWAY oh supply secret food locals for excommunicated cat and pay more attention to their needs. This is when they need. You. The most

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