18 yr old cat new behavior waking me early

my cat is over 18 yrs he has never before woke me early but the past few months he keeps waking me early and i have insomnia i don't know if it because i am having sleep issues or what he seems to wake me when i am finally sleeping good my routine with him has not changed and i cant understand why he is doing it

Help me get some sleep

Asked by Member 1132061 on Sep 23rd 2012 in Noisiness
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Shizzle (1995-2007)

Whenever there is a sudden change in behavior, we always suggest at least a call to your vet. At the age of 18, if the old 7 human years to 1 cat year is accurate, your cat is 126 human years old. Cats, like people, can suffer from a dementia or Alzheimer's like condition. He may also have other health concerns, and if he hasn't been to his vet in a while, you might want to take him in. My little old gent, Shizzie, who was 10, would do this at night too. The vet said that suddenly, the house was quiet and he found himself alone...and scared and possibly forgot where he was. She mentioned he may have been having hearing and sight issues and gotten "lost" in the house when it was dark. Once I set Shizzie up in our room, in his own bed, he (and we) were much happier.

Shizzle (1995-2007) answered on 9/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer