14 yr old female coughing or hacking several times a day. Tongue sticks out. Neck extended.

I'm hoping it's not serious. I will take her to the vet, but I really don't have the money.
My other cat occasionally does the same thing, but Cassie is doing it several times a day. She extends her neck out and down, her tongue sticks out and she hacks, like she's trying to get something out. I can't see anything in her throat.
She does have hyperthyroidism,and she's on medication.

Asked by Member 1152367 on Jan 28th 2013 Tagged coughing, hacking, choking, gagging in Health & Wellness
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Angel Hallie (5-15-96/11-7-12)

With a cat of that age, I wouldn't take chances. I'd have the veterinarian examine her. A veterinarian also will have the equipment, skills, and assistance necessary to properly check your cat's mouth and throat.

Angel Hallie (5-15-96/11-7-12) answered on 1/28/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer