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Should I name my kitten Taylor or Ellie?

So I am getting a kitten in a couple of days so she will be a girl I am getting her from a family friend last time I saw them the were just born…

ASKED BY Member 1234187 1 day, 19 hours ago
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I think my cat is pregnant, any help?

My 6 month old cat got out of the house twice while in heat. She tore a hole in the screen of the window. About two or there days ago my mom was…

ASKED BY Member 1244632 on 4/4/15
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I don't know how to get over my kittens death I feel so guilty for her death please help me?

One day I was doing my normal run and I decided to go on a longer run so I took a gravel road. When I was running I saw a baby kitten and I wasn't…

ASKED BY Baby on 8/15/14
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My family and I have found kittens under our shead. What should we do??? Help asap please?

Looks like at least six kittens. Might know the mother, but uncertain. Put out some dry food and water for them.

ASKED BY Member 1177539 on 7/23/14
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Introducing different litters of kittens together?

Both my girls normally get along fine as they are sisters, but when abbie had her kittens she had them upstairs, misty had hers a day later in the…

ASKED BY Abbie on 1/19/14
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Hi im an 18 week old little tabby boy weighing 6lbs. I was wondering if anyone knew how big i might get when I'm older?

I can get more images up if needed and I'm a moggy so I don't know what breeds I am.

ASKED BY Calcifer on 10/14/13
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Is it normal for a new kitten to make an older male cat to put on muscle weight?

I have a 1 year old male cat who is neutered, we've just got him a 4 month old male who is also neutered as company. They love to play together and…

ASKED BY Member 1192387 on 10/1/13
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