Does anyone have any advice for keeping kitties off of the counters?

Does anyone have any advice for keeping kitties off of the counters? Luthien will jump up there and steal food, he will also just have a seat on the…

ASKED BY Luthien 2 days, 15 hours ago
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My gentle 5 yr old female is withdrawn allowing my 4 month old male to take over her cat tree, her toys and food bowl?

I took a month to introduce them and they seem to tolerate each other although the male is so aggressive its mostly him chasing her. Sometimes she…

ASKED BY Member 1237138 6 days, 11 hours ago
IN Socialization

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Cat won't stop meowing for food! Please help I'm at my wits end?

My 5 year old tabby, Eevee, is causing a lot of noise trouble. I couldn't look after her for 2 years, and paid for her meals while a friend…

ASKED BY Member 1238495 1 week, 5 days ago
TAGGED meowing, food, noisiness IN Noisiness

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Silly baby and her litterbox issues. …

I rescued a feral kitten from my apartment complex. For the past month, my daughter and i have tried every trick in the book to get her to use her…

ASKED BY Member 1189698 2 weeks, 2 days ago
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How to stop a grumpy cat from attacking people?

My cat is around five years old, and I have had her from a very young age. She has been raised with children and around other people. However she is a…

ASKED BY Rory 3 weeks, 5 days ago
IN Aggression


Help! Why is our 11 month old cat so hostile to my parents at their house?

Our cat Moet is usually very friendly. If we have new people come to our house he always goes up to them to sniff/suss them out and he lets them pat…

ASKED BY Moet on 12/22/14
TAGGED hostile, scratch, hissing IN Behavior & Training


Help!! 5 month old brother cats keep hissing and attack 3 month old cat?

About a week ago my 3 month old kitten Zen got attacked by one of my older 5 month old kittens. It happened after Zen pooped in a box house i made him…

ASKED BY Zen on 12/22/14
TAGGED aggresion, injuries, behaviour, kittens IN Behavior & Training

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Not sure if my female cat will accept another cat. I got Mia 5 months ago. She seems very lonely?

The rescue group I got Mia from do not know anything about her past. She came in from a foster home. I work 8 hrs a day and rush home to her. She…

ASKED BY Member 1219103 on 12/22/14
TAGGED ismymialonelyordoessheprefertobeasinglecat IN Socialization

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