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How to convince my family to get a cat?

I'm trying to convince my family to get a cat but they simply refuse due to a bad incident we had with a cat who's mom was a stray. The cat became…

ASKED BY Member 1243857 on 3/17/15
TAGGED adoption, convincing, family, trauma, whattype IN Adoption & Rescue


Will my cat want a friend?

I work ten hour days and Boots is alone with my pet rats all day. He is always happy to see me when I wake up and when I get home. I feel bad to leave…

ASKED BY Boots on 2/28/15
IN Choosing the Right Pet

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Feral cat brought in house and think I made a mistake ....what to do?

I believe I have made a terrible mistake and i don't know what to do....My beloved cat of 16 years had to be euthanized last week due to a thrown…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory on 2/27/15
TAGGED feral, stray, antisocial IN Choosing the Right Pet

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URGENT! I need a name for a male Tuxedo cat?

Later today we are adopting a male Tuxedo kitty at Petsmart named Boots, and we want to change his name to something less cliche. Please answer…

ASKED BY Member 1240453 on 1/26/15
TAGGED name, names, tux, tuxie, tuxedo, black, cat, white, paws, urgent, answer, petsmart IN Adoption & Rescue


How to tell if a cat is missing...? And what to do if he is?

Earlier this afternoon & tonight there's been a cat meowing outside my window. I don't think he's in heat; no 1 in the building where I live has a cat…

ASKED BY Bashō on 1/20/15
TAGGED stray, lost IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Should I adopt her?

I bought a house, is engaged in the decoration, the piece on both sides of the entrance of the villa not live in a small way a few households, where…

ASKED BY Member 1237391 on 12/4/14
IN Adoption & Rescue

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Need advice about keeping 2 cats?

Hi I have 2 litter mates they are 3 yrs old my brother asked me to watch his 2 cats for a week 17 yrs old and 11 yrs old cats well now he wants me…

ASKED BY Member 1236802 on 11/7/14
IN Adoption & Rescue

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How to accommodate a new cat on a rooftop unit?

I just moved with my bf to a rooftop unit on the sixth floor in Taipei. The place comes with a very big rooftop terrace (650sqt) with a sturdy…

ASKED BY Member 1233132 on 8/31/14
TAGGED rooftop, hot, summer, indoor, outdoor IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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