Let’s Check in With Pip, the Twisty Cat Who’s Half Tyrannosaurus Rex


I wrote about Pip the Wonder Kitty almost exactly one year ago, so it’s about time for a check in.

Pip is what’s known as a “twisty cat,” meaning that his front legs are deformed — his are bent so he arm crawls wherever he goes.

The last time we hung out with Pip, he was just a little kitten.

After being rescued by Tenth Life Cat Rescue, Pip went to several different doctors, who all agreed that Pip is perfectly fine the way he is. Like Valerie Schumacher’s Little Bug, Pip will not undergo surgery to correct his legs. (Although we’re not going to judge if someone opts for surgery for their cat — just like Little Bear’s people did.)

So what’s Pip been up to? Well, he’s been up to normal cat stuff! You know — posing for photo shoots, canoodling with admirers at special events, and winning boxing matches. Not bad for a kitten who almost didn’t get a chance!

But that shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, Pip is half Tyrannosaurus rex, so that pretty much makes him the most ferocious thing on the planet ever.

If you haven’t already liked Pip’s Facebook page, you totally should go check it out and tell him that Catster sent you.

Photos via Pip’s Facebook page

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