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Treat Your Cat to … Different Types of Cat Beds

It’s no secret that cats love sleeping — so getting a cat bed for your kitty is a no-brainer. But what type of cat bed you get is a little more of a challenge. Let’s look at different types of cat beds — from pod cat beds to kitty condos and everything in between.

Sassafras Lowrey  |  Jun 26th 2018

If your cat spends most of the day sleeping, don’t you think he should do it in style? Check out these innovative, decorative and practical cat beds! One of them is sure to be a great fit for your kitty — and your home.

1. Whimsical Cat Beds

Cat house Totoro cave felted pet bed, Meow Felt ($120).

Cat house Totoro cave felted pet bed, Meow Felt ($120).

“For us, creating the cat houses is the way to express our love and care to our little friends. With the help of natural wool and our imagination, we do our best to make cat beds cozy and comfortable for cats and a cute part of the interior for cat’s owners,” Denis, Kateryna and Tara of Meow Felt explain. The company’s whimsical cat beds are part sculpture and part cat bed, featuring its take on animals and pop-culture characters.

Cat cave cat house cat bed — Sea monster, Felt Field ($172).

Cat cave cat house cat bed — Sea monster, Felt Field ($172).

Another whimsical way to add some color to your home and give your cat a unique place to snooze? Felt Field cat caves are an aesthetically beautiful bed choice that can add a fun pop of color to your home. Yuliya Kosata from Felt Field explains that she crafts her cat beds “only from special mountain sheep wool. For each cat cave, I use a huge quantity of wool, which makes them thick, strong and durable.”

2. Cardboard Cat Beds

Mayan Pyramid Cardboard Cat House, Cacao Pets ($55).

Mayan Pyramid Cardboard Cat House, Cacao Pets ($55).

Does your cat like to nap in cardboard boxes? Take her preferred napping place to a new and stylish level! Not your average box, these intricate cardboard cat beds are based on famous landmarks from around the world, as well as scenes from movies. “Our houses are designed for cats but styled for people,” the Cacao Pets team says. “The houses are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, which makes our work extremely green and clean. Glue is not used, which allows easy and fast recycling of the product after use.”

3. Hanging Cat Beds

CAT-A-COMB cat cave, Atelier Suburban ($280).

CAT-A-COMB cat cave, Atelier Suburban ($280).

With its modern design, this cat bed provides your kitty with a sleek way to kick back and relax! Bogdan Ispas of Atelier Suburban describes the CAT-a-Comb as “a sculptural object that tries to mimic a natural hideout for your cat. The design tries to transcend classical pet furniture and it can be integrated into any living space.”

4. Pod Cat Beds

Pod cat bed.

Navy Blue and White Butterflies, The Cat Ball ($55).

Pod-shaped beds are a playful option for cats looking for a little privacy while they nap. The Cat Ball is designed to give kitties a hidden napping spot. “Cats love to get inside our private, covered, pod-style cat beds,” says Jennifer Boaro of The Cat Ball. “They seem to be intrigued by the two openings, and we’ve often heard that kitties spend hours and hours inside the bed. People like that we use high-quality cotton fabrics from the quilting manufacturers, and they like the finishing details that we use for our hexagonal cat bed. The Cat Ball® cat bed is our original design, and we make our cat beds in the USA.”

5. Window Cat Beds

Window cat beds.

EZ Mount Window Bed, K&H Pet Products ($47.99).

These cat beds attach with suction cups to your windows, allowing your kitty to nap while watching the world go by. These beds are perfect for the cat who is fascinated by the bird feeder or traffic on your neighborhood street.

6. Condo Cat Beds

Condo cat beds.

Curious Cat Cube – Cat House/Cat Condo, MidWest Homes for Pets ($32.99).

Is your kitty looking for a bed where he can hide away from the world? If so, a kitty condo might be just the right fit for nap time. These beds promote “hide and seek” — a game many cats enjoy. This condo bed is also ideal for shy cats who need a bit of privacy from the busy goings-on of a home.

7. Traditional Cat Beds

Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, MidWest Homes for Pets ($5.99).

Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, MidWest Homes for Pets ($5.99).


If your cat prefers a simple place to sleep, then a classic bolster bed might work for your kitty. These beds come in a variety of colors to match any home, are easily washable and can be moved around to different areas of your home depending on your cat’s napping preferences.

June is Treat Your Kitty Month here at Catster! Stay tuned on for fun ways to spoil your kitty with different types of treats, toys and more.

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