Photos of 10 Cats Who Are Obsessed With Shoes


Cats and shoes have always enjoyed an intimate and enjoyable relationship. Kitties are mostly drawn to the odorous fumes that float from the inside of the footwear, but they also like using the shoes as beds and mini cars (of course).

In general, cats just can’t get enough of our shoes. They don’t care whether they’re sandals, boots, tennis shoes, or slippers — they just want to shove their noses inside and settle in for a long and satisfying high that sometimes elevates them to a transcendent state.

Here are 10 cats who are obsessed with the stink of shoes.

1. Bobbing for shoe stink

Life support.
Life support. Photo via Flickr

When you just can’t get the full bouquet, you must stick your entire head inside the shoe and huff away. It’s like putting on an oxygen mask, except it’s full of stink.

2. The seat of the sole

A totally racy pic.
A totally racy pic. Photo via Flickr

Not only are shoes known for their pleasing aroma, they can have practical uses … such as comfortable seats. The inside of an athletic shoe is the perfect size for a kitten bottom. Plus, felines can pretend they’re driving bumper cars or in the final lap of the Indy 500. Cats just wanna have fun.

3. Having a fit

"I'm fabulous."
“I’m fabulous.” Photo via Flickr

Cats don’t give a crap if they slip their feet into a pair of shoes the wrong way. They’re not worried about the Fashion Police showing up at the door and issuing a ticket. They just like to be inside things, even if it’s only their feet that are covered. For cats, it’s always sandal season.

4. Cone-y island of shoes

Injustice. Photo via Flickr

What a cruel trick to place a cone on a shoe-loving cat’s head when piles of shoes are laying about. Sniffing from afar just doesn’t do the trick. It’s like putting a piece of chocolate cake in front of someone who’s avoiding sugar. (Hey, maybe a cone would help curb my sugar cravings.)

5. Taking Birken-stock

"Excuse me, I'll need to see your ticket."
“Excuse me, I’ll need to see your ticket.” Photo via Flickr

Somebody has to be take stock of shoes and keep them safe. Cats happily take that job. They’re like little coat-check workers. They guard the footwear and then allow us to take a pair only if we have the matching ticket. And no, we won’t get the shoes if we don’t have the ticket. Also, shoe-check cats accept (and encourage) tips.

6. Casual sniffing

"No waaaay."
“No waaaay.” Photo via Flickr

Some cats will sniff a while and then stop and let it all soak in. They’ll even interact with others between smells — they just act completely high off shoe fumes. Well, they are high of shoe fumes. Duuuude.

7. Slippin’ into the zone

Ar-ohm-a. Photo via Flickr

There’s no doubt that shoe odor can elevate cats to another plane of existence. Cats can shift into a deeply meditative state, and they’ve been known to experience visions while in “the zone.” Some feline retreat centers have even begun to offer weekend “Zen-nis shoe” sessions where kitties become one with a tennis shoe of their choice. These retreats sell out months in advance, so cats are urged to register early.

8. A flippin’ good time

"Look at me! I'm a people!"
“Look at me! I’m a people!” Photo via Flickr

Cats have great senses of humor. They know what tickles their funny bones, and, when high off shoe stink, can get a little silly. They’re kind of like humans who’ve smoked “funny cigarettes” — everything is hysterical. When cats are stoned, they’re known to “try on” the craziest shoes and then fall over in laughter. Then their friends take pics of them and post them on social media. This never goes over well once everyone’s high has worn off.

9. A shoo-in

A sleepy pair.
A sleepy pair. Photo via Flickr

Everything is a bed to a cat. Kittens have a leg up because their size allows them more bedding options … like shoes. Sure, older cats fall asleep on top of, or with their faces inside, shoes, but little ones can slide their furry little bodies inside the shoes and create tiny sleeping bags. And their lungs are so small that the slightest odor sends them right to Snooze-ville.

10. Flat-out annoyed

"Excuse me??"
“Excuse me??” Photo via Flickr

Nothing’s worse that somebody bugging you while you’re engaged in something important — like having an up-close-and-personal experience with a shoe. “Way to harsh my mellow, bro.”

How does your cat interact with your shoes? Tell us in the comments!

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