How My Cat Reacted to Being Famous for a Day


Most Tuesdays at 9 a.m., I am busy avoiding emails and procrastinating — and definitely not trying to explain the concept of “Internet fame” to my pet. Yet when a certain photo of my cat got an unusual amount of traffic on Twitter, I found myself wondering: What happens to a cat when she is famous for a day?

Technically speaking, my cat, Katze, has it “going on” looks-wise. She’s got big, beautiful eyes, soft, marbled fur, and the physique of a Greek cat goddess. But for whatever reason, whenever a camera is pointed in her direction, she goes all crazy-eyed like she’s the Gary Busey of the cat world.

As you would be able to ascertain from a quick peek at my camera roll, I’m obsessed her crazy-eyes. During one of our little photo shoots I snapped a couple of good shots, laughed forever at her expressions, and sent one of the photos to a friend — who promptly posted it online, because, come on, silly cat photo!

As is the way of the Internet, the photo made the rounds before eventually falling into the hands of animal Twitter genius @darth. All of this happened on the same day that beer bigwigs Bud Light posted a poorly thought-out Saint Patrick’s Day Tweet. In response to this marketing mishap, @darth retorted:

For a person with a modest Twitter following, this was very, very exciting. When I saw how many people were in on the joke with Katze, I couldn’t help it — I got giddy. But it also made me wonder: Isn’t it strange that my cat is getting all of this attention without her knowing or understanding it? Do I feel guilty that people I don’t know are laughing at my little girl’s funny face? Is this the high that Kim Kardashian feels when she posts selfies? It was a morning of, you know, the really big questions in life.

It turns out that Katze couldn’t care less about fleeting Internet fame. When I explained the exciting news to her, she:

1. Stared at Me With Little to No Emotion

Dun dun duuuuun!

She gave me a look that said, “I’m bored and/or mad and/or happy and/or bored and/or indifferent to you and the rest of the world. When do we eat? Feed me now?”

2. Yawned in My Face

How rude.

“Honey,” I began as a lifted my phone screen up to her little spotted nose. “Look at how many people think that you’re a funny little girl.”

Her reaction? A yawn so exaggerated she had practically turned into a sleepy cartoon character.  

3. Fell Fast Asleep

The snoring means that she’s listening.

If there’s one thing my grandparents taught me during the holidays, it’s that nothing says excitement and enthusiasm quite like taking a nap halfway through a conversation. Which is why when Katze curled into her tight little kitten roll and fell fast asleep, I felt like maybe I did get through to her just the littlest bit.

But probably not. When she woke up from her nap, I — along with the rest of the Internet — had moved on. She sloppily picked some gunk out of the corner of her giant eyes, and we never talked about it again.

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About the author: Laura Jaye Cramer is a freelance writer and ballet dancer based out of San Francisco. When she isn’t busy tending to her sweet little cat baby, she can be found drooling over artifacts in a museum, building a shrine to Dolly Parton, or eating a trough of guacamole. Stalk her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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