Noah, Coco, and Sona: 3 Cats in Japan Who Love the Camera


Noah, Coco, and Sona are three cats who live in Japan. While they go about their important daily cat business, their owner posts pictures of them to Instagram. To date, they’ve racked up a sizable following of more than 30,000 fans.

Without further ado — and with more than a little help from our trusty but kooky friend Google Translate — let’s try and fathom what this trio is all about.

Let’s meet Noah

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

Noah is undoubtedly the leader of this social media troupe. This nine-year-old chap also recently capitalized on his fame by beginning to sell a line of t-shirts bearing his kitty face.

Here comes Coco

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

Next up, we have Coco, another nine-year-old kitty. Her defining feature is her “nice socks.” We’ve heard of individual cats with white paws like this referred to as “kitten deluxe,” as if the paws are part of an accessory package. We won’t dispute that.

Don’t forget about Sona

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

Sona is the third of the bunch. She can usually be spotted wearing her favorite collar — a fashion accessory that’s quite brilliantly described in translation as “necklace pattern of belching nice.”

Oh, hang on, there’s one more!

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

Did I say three cats are involved in this Instagram account? Well, it seems there’s a fourth — a recent addition called Mira. In this snap, Mira’s had lived in her new digs for just 12 days. She’s described (via translation) as being, “Not sleep at all” and “full of energy.” There’s also the possibility that she’s in a foster situation.

Peek-a-boo tactics

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

It’s said that Noah likes to get himself into snug spots and observe the world around him. His use of a blanket here is top notch stealth action.

Sona likes to follow Noah’s lead

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

Here’s Sona also getting in on the undercover observation. Note the discerning way she’s matched the color of her hiding spot with her own feline markings.

Living that rice life

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

All three cats appear to have something of a fixation with eating rice. As the caption to the gourmand clowder’s snack stakeout says, “We are rice waiting. But I ate.”

There’s also an eggplant

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

Yes, this is a picture of Coco dressed up in an eggplant hat. Excellent work all around.

Caution: More eggplant

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

And here’s Noah all eggplanted up in the same outfit. (To date, Sona does not appear to be that enamored with the idea of sporting an eggplant hat.)

All together now

Image via nocoa2525 Instagram

Finally, here’s a family portrait of all three cats together (and, miraculously, all looking at the camera). According to the wonders of Google Translate, the explanation of the shot is “you a matching cats.” Also, the cats’ mantra is the ever-relevant, “There in the occasional, I look if good.”

Check out more footage of Noah, Coco, Sona (and Mira) on their Instagram account.

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