Curl Up With the Cat Loaves of Instagram


Forget your talk of cat yoga and cat athletics and other such trifling pursuits — everyone knows that the only true and honorable feline discipline is cat loafing. Yep, there’s an art to that thing your kitty does where she sits down, tucks her paws in, and somehow resembles a loaf of bread.

Wonderfully, the good folks over at the Cat Loaves of Instagram enterprise have dedicated their Internet lives to showcasing the most cutting-edge cat loafers out there. Here’s a snapshot of the movement’s leading lights.

Bright young thing

This improbably adorable kitten knows that it’s important to start practicing your loafing at a young age. From his poise, you just know that this guy is gonna be a huge success at life.

The trifecta

Cat loaf, calico, cat in a sink — what’s not to like here? This photo might actually be the Platonic ideal of cat pics.

Experiment at will

This Tokyo-based kitty is going all out to push the boundaries of what cat loafing is and can be. The sideways paw pose is truly trendsetting stuff.

An etymological dilemma

If a group of cats is properly known as a clowder, what do you call a grouping of cat loafs? I have no idea — but this trio of professional loafers are clearly in deep contemplation of the matter.

Down and out

Sometimes you loaf so much that it might appear you’ve begun to literally sink into your surroundings.

Stay sharp

All dressed up and nowhere to loaf? Not for this kitty, whose snappy attire ensures he gets an invite to every swanky function around town.

The new workout plan

This portly, puffy furball is using his right to cat loaf as a way to deliver a hard-hitting political message. Namely, that exercising is a futile pursuit when you’re of the feline form.

The magic of physics

Marvel at this little scamp pulling off a truly advanced cat loafing technique, as he not only surmounts a couple of kitchen objects but also partly loafs in thin air!

Success comes in many forms

Ladies and gentlemen and cat loafing enthusiasts, we do indeed have a winner!

Need more cat loafing in your life? Hit up the Cat Loaves of Instagram page.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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