Olaf the Rescue Cat Lost Three of His Paws to Frostbite in Indiana

He was found frozen to a water meter; now he's done with rehab and has found a new home.


Are you a fan of the movie Frozen? You know, the all-conquering Disney flick about a princess with an icy heart, which also features songs that are either adoringly cute or gnawingly insufferable depending on your tolerance for such things? Well, a formerly feral cat over in Indianapolis seems to be quite the superfan, as he’s been named after the story’s snowman, Olaf — and his start to life has its own dramatic tale.

All images via Facebook.

A year ago, a 12-week-old Olaf managed to somehow get himself stuck to a frozen water meter. After being found wandering the streets with frostbitten feet, he was whisked away to animal care and control and then placed in the care of the FACE Low-Coast Spay/Neuter Clinic.




It was discovered that he was suffering from frostbite on three of his paws, which was so severe it resembled burns. In grisly terms, the dead tissue ended up being disconnected from the healthy parts of his feet to the point where he’s now a one-pawed kitty.




For much of the last year Olaf has been recovering and learning to adjust to his new life at FACE. That was, until last month, when he was adopted by Melinda Rumschlag after she saw a local news story on his plight.




Explaining how Olaf’s condition affects his day-to-day business, Melinda let the kitty post to Facebook: “I have one perfectly normal leg, and that’s my front right paw. I use it a lot and it helps keep me stable. I lost four out of five toes on my left front paw but I can still bat my toys with it.”

“And then there is the back of me,” he goes on. “That’s where I am really a mess. I have no back paws at all and lost two to three of both of my back legs. It makes it pretty hard to get around but I manage. My biggest complaint is I just can’t scratch my ears. That is why I love having that done for me.”




The next step in Olaf’s rehabilitation involves looking into the possibility of getting a set of prosthetic legs for him. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with this plucky chap’s adventures over at his Facebook page.

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