Mr. White the Coffee Cat Provides Your Daily Dose of Zen


With fur as white as freshly fallen snow, curious eyes, and little gray toes that are as mysterious as a foggy morning, Mr. White, also known to his 1.4 million (yes, really) Instagram followers as Coffee Cat, knows how to capture the imagination. Whether he’s enjoying some yogurt, snoozing in a sun puddle or rocking his latest seasonally appropriate bowtie, the handsome two-year-old British Shorthair always finds a way to look effortlessly adorable and delectable.

But this kitty is more than just another pretty face in the #catsofinstagram queue — he’s also a cancer survivor. Last year, Mr. White was diagnosed with lymphoma, but after undergoing treatment he is currently in remission. Here’s wishing Mr. White continued health and happiness in 2017 so he can keep giving us some much-needed moments of zen at the end of another long week — even when the moment gets super awkward.

1. When You Let Someone Spoil You

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

Whether it’s a back rub, breakfast in bed or simply gaining control of the remote for a couple of hours, this weekend let someone else do something nice for you. As Mr. White knows, it feels darn good.

2. When You Dress Up for a Night on the Town

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

Mr. White and his buddy Nala look good in their sparkly Santa suits — though it’s hard to tell whether they’re ready to flaunt their new outfits or shred them. In any case, I think Mr. White would approve if you rocked something glittery this weekend — even if it’s just to the grocery store.

3. When You Take a Nap on the Job

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

Mr. White’s job is being adorable, so he’s free to sleep away his entire shift if he wants — I mean, who else looks this cute during their REM cycle? This weekend, don’t neglect nap time.

4. When You Tell Someone Else You’re a Model

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

When you’re the subject of your very own 2017 calendar, you’ve certainly earned some bragging rights. But even if you’ve got only a series of Instagram selfies, it’s okay to admit it when you know you look good.

5. When He’s Right Behind You

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

We might not always get along with our siblings — in fact, sometimes it can seem like they’re another species. Mr. White knows how to keep his cool during these awkward moments.

6. When You Talk a Big Game

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

As Mr. White so adorably demonstrates, when you talk yourself up, sometimes you’ve gotta fake it ’til you make it.

7. When You’re Not Sure About Your New Headband

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

Sometimes clothes look way better on the rack in the store than they do when we get home and put them on. Take a page from Mr. White’s book, say “Screw it, I’m a bunny,” and rock that unusual fashion statement.

8. When You’re Caught Red-Handed

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

When someone walks in on your intimate cuddle session, it’s best to get all wide-eyed and just act real innocent. It worked for Mr. White.

9. When Your BFF Tries to Steal Your Look

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

Never mind the fact that your best friend showed up to the party wearing the same dress as you, even though you totally had it first — and you look way better in it. Who’s to say you can’t both be smokin’ hot?

10. When You’re Criminally Cute

Photo via white_coffee_cat_ on Instagram

It’s a good thing Mr. White is wearing this uniform, because if being insanely adorable were a crime, he would be under arrest. Still, we suspect this police officer might be susceptible to bribes, namely treats and chin scritchies.

Follow Mr. White the Coffee Cat on Instagram for more cute and cuddly photos.

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