Meet the Cat Lady Who Rescued Buzz the Fuzz From a Hoarder


Buzz the Fuzz is one of those cats who makes the Internet a better place. The first time I saw a Facebook photo of this handsome kitty with a curious haircut, I felt compelled to hit "like" and to find out more about this inspiring cat. Thousand of other people have liked Buzz’s page, and his humans are happy to use his Facebook fame to advocate for other animals.

"I use Buzz to help people see that shelter pets are perfectly lovable," Buzz’s mama, Sandra Soroka, told me. "When you first look at them they might look really beat up, but they’re worth it."

Nine months ago Buzz was saved and shaved after living in a hoarder’s house along with 39 German Shepherds. Now, thanks to Sandra and her boyfriend Scott, Buzz is living the good life, and has starred in his own animated video. He was even featured on Catster as one of our Monday Miracles.

Before adopting Buzz, Sandra and Scott already had one cat, two-year-old Charlie.They had been discussing adding a second feline to the household when Sandra spotted five-year-old Buzz on a shelter website. He wasn’t in the best shape, but she saw more than a broken tail and patchy buzz cut, and was soon making the 45-minute drive to meet him.

When Sandra arrived at the shelter Buzz was experiencing his very first day out in the big cat room. "My heart just fell through my feet, and I felt like, yeah, that’s my cat," says Sandra. "He needed a good home and I knew that’s what we would give him."

Soon one of the shelter workers disclosed the cat’s history to Sandra, informing her of the hoarding situation that had turned Buzz’s coat into a nasty matted shell that had to be shaved. "When I heard his story my body just melted."

Buzz would spend one more week in the shelter before moving into his forever home with Charlie, Scott and Sandra, who were trying to decide what to call him.

"In that week in between we were discussing names and I got this list down, but I was like ‘we’ll know when we get him home,'” says Sandra. "I’m a big fan of astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and I just think they have the same attitude. They’re both pretty badass."

With his new name chosen, Buzz the Fuzz adjusted well to life in his new home, quickly becoming kitty buddies with Charlie.

"I was kind of scared that he was going to be a jerk or a bully, after spending his whole life with 39 dogs, but he is the chillest, sweetest cat ever," says Sandra. "You could not even ask for a non-abused animal to be this good."

In the months since Buzz’s Facebook page launched, his fans have been following along with his #fuzzreport, watching as his once neglected and matted coat grows back in (thanks in part to the good grooming he now receives). "Buzz is so good about being brushed," says Sandra. "I can hold him like a baby and brush his tummy."

It’s that kind of chill attitude that had helped this 18-pound baby attract admirers from around the globe.

"He gets mail from all over the world. He was sent treats from people in Florida, and postcards from Australia," says Sandra. "We love getting the mail, and Buzz writes people back."

The international attention gives Buzz a platform to help out local shelters and his fellow rescue animals. He’s even made a personal appearance at New York state’s Animal Animal Advocacy Day. "He walked around on a leash and harness, and just said hi to other animals," Sandra explains. "He’s so unfussy, the only problem with carrying him for two hours is that he’s 18 pounds."

These days the only thing growing faster than Buzz’s hair is his fan base. The animated video of Buzz’s story definitely made me cry, but his life now makes me smile. Buzz the Fuzz is living proof that older animals, animals who look a little different, and animals who’ve suffered abuse can make incredible pets.

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About the author: Heather Marcoux is a freelance writer in Alberta, Canada. Her beloved Ghost Cat was once her only animal, but Specter the kitten and GhostBuster the dog make her fur family complete. Heather is also a wife, a bad cook and a former TV journalist. Some of her friends have hidden her feed because of an excess of cat pictures. If you don’t mind cat pictures, you can follow her on Twitter; she also posts pet GIFs on Google +

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