Our Monday Miracle Is Bug A Boo, the Adorable Hydrocephalus Kitten


The first thing you notice about Bug A Boo is her eyes. They’re like warm and gooey anime cat peepers that draw you into the dinky kitty’s world and then hold your gaze as waves of overpowering cuteness wash over you. But behind those oversized eyes is a story about a domestic longhair kitten who’s on a mission to not just overcome her own disability but help bring awareness to other special-needs pets.

Bug A Boo was born with the medical condition hydrocephalus. A more common way to refer to it is water on the brain — although owners of cats afflicted with the issue also like to good-naturedly refer to them as hydro pets.

After she was rescued from a barn at six weeks old, Bug A Boo underwent an ultrasound of her brain from Dr. Logan at North Star Vets. She was then put on a course of daily medication to relieve the build-up of fluid that’s bubbling around inside her pretty lil’ head. (A shunt may need to still be inserted to help drain away the fluid if the meds don’t prove to be as effective as planned.)

Right now, the diminutive Bug A Boo is snugly holed up at the Joa’s Arc special-needs adoption center in Audubon, New Jersey. She’s been listed preemptively for adoption — and you can check out her early profile over here — but at the moment she still needs to get down to some serious training and bulk up before facing the outside world. (Bug’s Facebook page reports that she has a remarkably healthy appetite, so hopefully she won’t need long.)

Bug A Boo looks like she’s now set on the right road to living a safe and happy feline life, but she’s also conscious about bringing the plight of other special needs pets to the world. Speaking through her Facebook page, she says, “So many people think special needs pets require ‘too much’ care, but we’re just as sweet, loving, and deserving of life as any other creature.”

Proving Bug’s point, an even smaller and malnourished kitten entered her world the other week. Bug’s reaction? To welcome him as an equal and play together — as you can see in the pic below!

If you feel a hankering for checking out more pictures of Bug A Boo and her fantastical eyes, mosey on over to her official Facebook page. If you’re interested in hydro pets, Bug’s also part of a support group, which you can read up on over here.

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