Meet Quasi, the Rescue Cat Leading the Ugly Kitty Movement


The clich├® that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is especially true when it comes to cats. We often find ourselves drawn towards felines with the sort of physical ailments, oddities and quirks that imbue them with a distinctive look. This is certainly the case with Quasi, the self-styled “ugly cat” who has accepted her unique visage and is using it to bring awareness to the joys of “less adoptable” cats. On a first glance, Quasi resembles a future version of Lil BUB who has been overdoing it on the gravy and packed on the pounds.

As we reported when we first checked in with Quasi a couple of years ago, the portly kitty’s unusual look is speculated to come from a cleft lip issue that was never corrected; it also means that Quasi has some sinus problems that hinder her sense of smell.

Beyond those facial foibles, though, Quasi seems to be enjoying her life just dandy. Having been rescued from a shelter in Annapolis, Maryland, her Facebook page now reports that she spends her days joyfully stashing pens under coffee tables and snuggling up to her owner, Renee.

Quasi has also become the face of the Ugly Kitty movement, which aims to prove to people that often those cats who seem like they are burdened with issues and ailments in a shelter can actually be the most rewarding felines to take home. As the tagline to the venture goes, “Ugly never looked so good.”

Building on the idea of embracing her special looks, Quasi has also begun to embrace the term “adorkable” for her image. Seems like a fine fit to me.

Intrigued by Quasi’s story? Scamper over to her Facebook page to keep up to date with all of her future adventures.

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