Author: Vicky Walker

<strong>Full Name:</strong> Vicky Walker <strong>Location: </strong>San Francisco via York and southeast London <strong>Where You Can Find Me on the Internet:</strong> Right here on Catster <strong>What I Do for Fun:</strong> Research San Francisco history, interview octogenarians about San Francisco history, try to build a time machine to see more of San Francisco history <strong>The Furry Members of My Household Are:</strong> <a href="">Ambrose Hoffman</a>, aka the Velvet Lamb, an excessively fluffy tuxedo boy; Gentleman Jim, a medium-haired ginger tabby who moves like jelly sliding off a table <strong>My Favorite Things to Write About Are:</strong> San Francisco, cat idiosyncrasies <strong>My Pet Peeves Are:</strong> False ranges, overamplification, misuse of the possessive apostrophe <strong>My Guilty Pleasures Are:</strong> Stephen King novels, Thorntons tablet fudge, and <em>The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills</em>, sometimes simultaneously <strong>How I Deal with Cat Hair:</strong> In the house: wait for it to form into tumbleweed dust bunnies and harvest. On clothes: clump of parcel tape wrapped around my hand. <strong>What I Want to Be When I Grow Up:</strong> Less sarcastic