Marci Kladnik

Marci Kladnik, her four rescue cats, and one Scottish Terrier live in a small town with no stoplights or mail delivery. A retired graphic designer and technical writer, she designed and wrote for two publishers and two medical device manufacturers. She was also on the masthead of the monthly National Model Railroad Association Bulletin. Marci now writes an award-winning bi-weekly cat column for three newspapers, is a contributing writer for, an award-winning photographer, and president of the Cat Writers’ Association. Involved in TNR and feral rescue, she sat on the Board of Directors of Catalyst for Cats from 2007-2013. In her spare time, Marci traps and fosters local feral cats and kittens. Past columns appear on and her dog blogs at<.

Full Name: Mary Susan Kladnik, aka Marci

Location: Central Coast of California

Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Catalyst for CatsMaggie StoriesTwitter

What I Do for a Living: I’m retired officially, but I write and sew

What I Do for Fun: Read, write, sew, cook, eat and watch old movies, sometimes all at the same time.

The Furry Members of My Household Are: Four rescue cats: Spencer (dlg), Barney (dsh), Nemo (dlg), Tweety (dlg Manx); and Wee Maggie Lass of Wiccanden (Scottish Terrier, kitten whisperer, and blogger)

My Favorite Things to Write About Are: Cats and dogs, but anything with a humorous twist

My Pet Peeves Are: People with no sense of humor

My Guilty Pleasures Are: Carbohydrates and wine

How I Deal with Cat/Dog Hair: I wear it proudly, since it goes with everything I have

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: I don’t want to grow up

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