Author: Liz Acosta

Liz is a pink-haired feminist with lots of good stories to tell. Originally from Los Angeles, Liz dabbled in the entertainment industry, freelance photography, dog-sitting, and fashion before finally throwing everything in her car and moving to San Francisco. She rides her pink bike around the city pretending she's in the Death Star trench scene from Star Wars and she is almost exclusively powered by coffee. Liz is responsible for bringing the story of Mercury, the kitten whose front legs were amputated after a weed-whacker accident, to the Internet's spotlight. Mercury's amazing story of resilience received attention from Huffington Post, Jezebel, and Laughing Squid. Liz was among the first to break a series of dramatic photos of a man saving his cat during the June 2013 floods in Alberta, Canada, as well as a story about a Redditor rescuing a sickly kitten in Hawaii and then bringing her home to the continental United States. Liz originated Catster's weekly column called the Monday Miracle, highlighting inspirational stories about cats who've overcome tremendous adversity. Read more of Liz's work below. Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Top secret -- if I give you my full name I'll have to tickle you to death! Location: Born in Los Angeles, currently terrorizing the streets of San Francisco Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Right heeere What I Do for Fun: Eat picnics in the park, read way too much young adult fantasy, and travel The Furry Members of My Household Are: I am never, ever getting a dog even though I have a dog to thank for finding my voice My Favorite Things to Write Are: See links below My Pet Peeves Are: Peeves are illegal in California My Guilty Pleasures Are: ABC's Revenge, cheap champagne, and Britney Spears How I Deal with Dog/Cat Hair: I don't! What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Your kids' crazy Aunt Liz