Kate E. Lyle

I'm a lifetime lover of children and a late-blooming lover of cats! I have worked as a nanny, teacher, tutor, and "Big Sister." It wasn't until I adopted my sweet calico, Tulip, in April of 2012 that my fascination with cats blossomed, and I knew I would forever call myself a cat person. 

Full Name: Kate Elizabeth Lyle

Location: The epitome of suburban Connecticut 

Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Mostly hidden so my nosy students can't find me! ;-)

What I Do for a Living: Teach elementary school and tutor. I'm also about to go back to grad school to become a certified guidance counselor.

What I Do for Fun: Sweat profusely because I'm one of those weird people who actually likes to work out, travel anywhere and anytime I can, read, spend time with friends/family, and cuddle with Tulip! (This is the only place I can admit that.)

The Furry Members of My Household Are: 1. Tulip! a.k.a. Tulee, Tulee with an accent, Swiffer (because of how she rolls around on the floor mopping up dust and debris), Caramel Swirl (because of her calico colors), Baby (because she's mine, and doesn't everyone call their pet that?) Pookie (because it just rolls off the tongue). 2. Jack, my roommate's cat and Tulip's partner in crime. a.k.a. Black Panther, Jack-Jack, Jack-Jack Attack

My Favorite Things to Write About Are: Personal experiences that people can relate to

My Pet Peeves Are: Arrogance and ignorance, bringing home much anticipated take-out to find out they got my order wrong, people who hate cats! 

My Guilty Pleasures Are: Vampire/zombie shows, reality TV, eating exorbitant amounts of guacamole in one sitting

How I Deal with Cat/Dog Hair: My comforter is the color of my cat's fur. :-)

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Helping people and still smiling




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