Angela A. Lilly

I was born and raised in WV and lived there from birth (1973) until 1998 when my hubby and I moved to Columbus, Ohio, for his job.  We have lived in the Columbus area ever since! I am a HUGE animal lover and have had as many as 13 furbabies (cats in my case) living with me at any one time. (I currently have six.)

I am a passionate environmentalist and do everything I can to be green, including recycling, composting, living a vegetarian lifestyle, buying locally and organic whenever possible, harvesting rainwater, reusing gray water, using only nontoxic/eco-friendly/petrochemical-free/vegan household cleaners and bath/body products, conserving water and energy as much as possible.

I am an avid gardener of flowers and veggies. I am also a birder and have 13 bird feeders and 4 bird baths in my yard.

I am an activist: for art, music, animals, children, the environment, freedom of speech and religion, the LGBTQI community, and anything else that may come my way that I am passionate about. I am also a poet, with a BA in English specializing in Creative Writing. Most importantly, I share my life with Scott, my partner of 20-plus years, and am more in love with him now than when we met in high school. 

Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Angela Ann Lilly; maiden name Cousins (enter all the kissing cousins jokes here); nick names Angie, Ang, Rola, and Tofu Fairy

Location: About 30 miles north of Columbus, Ohio

Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: My blog, Poetic Pussy Cats; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Zazzle, YouTube, StumbleUpon

What I Do for a Living: I am a SAHW and run a photography biz, Foto Macro

What I Do for Fun: Read educational, self-help, humor, and paranormal romance books; write poetry, take photographs, enter giveaways online, do review vlogs on YouTube, participate in artsy things (gallery openings/shows, museum exhibits, craft fairs, etc.), spend time with my cats and hubby

The Furry Members of My Household Are: Mei-Ling, Marilyn, Meeko, Gus, Piggy, and Oats 

My Favorite Things to Write About Are: Cats, gardening, personal rants, organic foods, vegetarianism, every day life

My Pet Peeves Are: Self-imposed ignorance, bigotry of any kind, bullying, animal cruelty, dogs barking due to neglect

My Guilty Pleasures Are: Fudge, Indian food, chai lattes, Pitbull (the rapper/musician), dance music in general

How I Deal with Cat/Dog Hair: Everything I own is machine washable and dryer safe, plus I vacuum regularly

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: I don’t ever plan to grow up!

Stories by Angela A. Lilly