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The life and times of GRETA the great

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from mama

July 4th 2013 8:00 am
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One year ago on a day that should be filled with fun and good food, I took my sweet Greta to the emergency vet. She hadn't been eating, was thin, lethargic and walked about very slowly. As it turns out, she was dying and I had to let her go. I cried the whole time, and for weeks cried over her.

I thought my heart would never heal from losing her. Greta helped me grow to love and appreciate black cats. She is the reason I adopted a 2nd black cat after her passing.

Today however I am not filled with grief or sadness, but peace and happiness. God led me to what I call "a near carbon copy of Greta" in Serena. Of course I'll always love and miss Greta but Serena has filled her void so nicely only the Lord could've done this.

If you haven't met Serena already, she has a page on here and she is quite the princess. The only difference between Serena and Greta are that Greta wanted to be the only cat and Serena gets along with other cats fine.


tanks fur the birthday wishes

September 5th 2012 9:42 am
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Tanks efuryone fur your birthday wishes! Mama just wishes I was still here with her. I am SO HAPPY in heaven!



July 4th 2012 3:32 pm
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Greta's mama here:

I am so appreciative and thankful for everything you've said, sent, and done for my sweet Greta. I am just so sad, I feel like my heart will never heal....I'm also kinda upset with myself because I should have known something was wrong when I petted Greta so many times over this last week and just felt every bone in her body...I thought oh it's probably because she's getting old (she was 12) and this is just part of her getting older. But then she got so she wouldn't eat, wouldn't play....she did get on the bed and sleep with me sometimes... in the past few months she started sleeping next to my pillow, something she NEVER did until then...and it made me so happy to be pet her soft velvety coat...I miss her kneading on my hair to get me up and feed her (LOL)....she didn't do that for the last few days and I thought nothing of it til today...I miss being able to pick her up and cuddle her, altho I held her as long as I could until it was time for her to be put down.....I will miss hearing her talk back to me when I talked to her and hearing her say "ihh!"

I wanted her to know that I loved (AND STILL LOVE) her so very much....that my heart will always have a little hole where she filled it....she always loved to be held, even in her last days she just LOVED it...she purred even tho it was weak purrs...that was a sign to me that she was dying...then this morning when I tried to hand feed her and she attempted to bite my finger I knew that was her way of saying to put her to sleep....she was just SO weak and thin, she just barely walked around, didn't jump or run like usual....that was also a sign something was wrong...

I also tried cooling her down with some cool water in the event she was just affected by the heat...but it was just not meant to I have to go to work tomorrow (Thursday) and everyone tries to fool me into thinking it will me it WON'T....when I had to put Buster to sleep I had to go work the next day and all I could do was think and talk about him....going to work will NOT take my mind off my sweet precious little black kitty.....

I will tell you this....IF and I mean ***IF*** it is the Lord's will, I would like to adopt another black kitty...but it's not up to me....just like I did before getting Daniel & Solomon, I have to pray as to whether or not God wants me to have a 3rd cat....I hope you can all understand that.....for now I have to close because I just can't stop crying. I miss you Greta.


My last entry....I am now in heaven....

July 4th 2012 7:12 am
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Mama took me to the vet today after I hadn't eaten for about a week, was lethargic and severely underweight. I weighed a little over 4 lbs. at the ER gums were pale, my temp was only 98 and I was dehydrated....every time mama picked me up I was just skin and bones. The vet thinks either my kidneys or liver was failing and recommended I be put to sleep.

Just a little later, I went to heaven and reunited with my brofur Buster who went in 2008...I am now I am so happy to be here! I cannot wait to see what my wings look like...Buster has been showing me the many things to do, so many things to play with....oh mama I wish you could see!

And to my mama - Please remember that I love you and will NEFUR furget the sacrifice you made....I am SO grateful you didn't let me suffer. TANK YOU.

MISS GRETA - now in kitty heaven


Wanting mama

January 21st 2012 4:53 pm
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As I'm getting older, I find myself running to mama fur a nice cuddle or hug more. I guess it's part of getting old....I always wanted it befur, but not as much. Now I just come up to mama insisting on a hug or snug. (Not the blanket! LOL)

Do any of you find yourselves just wanting to be with your mom or dad more as you get older?


Missed my gotcha day and tank you

October 16th 2011 7:55 pm
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Wow, mama furgot to check my paw mail...HISSSS mama! She was on vacation and I guess her brain took a vacation too, cuz she didn't look to see if I got anything fur my Gotcha Day. She knew it was sometime last week but now she says she couldn't remember when. HUH? It's right on my page, how could she furget?

Well mama has seen and read all your rosettes & paw mails & stuff and showed em to me, and I just wanna say TANK YOU FUR REMEMBERING. You are all furry special to us!

wuv & purrs, Miss Greta


just bein' lazy

December 4th 2010 5:33 pm
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Well hello efuryone!

I haven't had anything much to talk about so that is why no diary entries fur a few days. The only thing I've been doing is laying around, avoiding being chased by Daniel, and enjoying mama's company when she's home.

Tuesday was my brofur Daniel's Gotchaversary, and mama wasn't feeling good so she stayed home. We all laid near mama in her bedroom....Daniel on one side of the bed, Solomon on anofur, and me in a spot next to the bed where mama put some of her clothes.
I'm getting so I sleep next to mama sometimes. I lay in a little ball next to her pillow, and I just love being with her. Sometimes in the night I'll come in teh bedroom, even tho I know Daniel is there, just so I can be with mama.

I have also been fussing about eating. Being an older kitty I am getting more set in my ways and not as willing to some flavors of canned cat food. Mama makes sure I eat tho because if I don't, my brofurs will try to eat up my portions. They get plenty already. Sometimes mama hand feeds me too. I actually don't mind that too much, I kinda like it. Oh and sometimes she'll give me some human food! I like real turkey and chicken. Yum! Mama made chili with lean ground turkey but I don't know if I'd want that turkey....hmmm....

Well I need to go find a place to sleep. I never sleep in the same place. MOL

Miss Greta


tankfulness from me

November 24th 2010 11:44 pm
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Hi efuryone :)

I wanted to tank efuryone fur my gifts, notes, rosettes, and well wishes regarding my DDP! I am truly tankful fur you, and the staff at Catster! Without you I would not have anyone else to talk to or share my tales (tails? MOL) or questions with.

Mama got me a special gift in honor of my DDP - a nice baby pink fleece throw! I've already slept on it so it's been christened, MOL.

Since today is Tanksgiving, I wanted to also share that I am tankful fur my mama, who adopted me & my late brofur over 11 years ago when we were just little babies! Mama says we were 5 weeks old when we arrived. I don't remember my kittenhood that much but mama and I bonded instantly the moment she saw and then held me.

I am also tankful fur mama's apartment. It's got lots of places to hide and play, and since I'm black I can hide even easier in the dark. MOL

I am tankful too fur my siblings (I can't believe I just said that) as long as they leave me alone. In that case, I'm tankful I still have my claws! MOL!

I'm tankful fur many ofur things but one thing mama reminded me all us kitties here and mama too are thankful for is JESUS, who came to save us. His life, death and resurrection made it possible fur us - kitties and humans - to experience freedom and life in Christ. Mama is a Christian lady and we kitties are Christians too. We give tanks to God fur Him, His Son, and His Holy Spirit.

That's all fur now, enjoy your Tanksgiving!

Miss Greta


Hey, I'm DDP again! Woohoo!

November 24th 2010 2:18 am
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Hi efuryone!

I'm DDP again and what an honor it is. It also gives me a chance to catch you up on the latest goings on with me and my furiend Jodi.

About Miss Jodi - she's got her shots now and mostly stays inside. She's getting to be a big girl. She's becoming a lap cat.

They took her to the vet last week cuz her nose was running clear discharge. The vet gave her antibiotics....and that is all I know about her. I will see if I can get an update.

About me - mama got some rotisserie turkey breast this Saturday so she could start enjoying turkey now before Tanksgiving, and also, she said, in case they ran out before then. Sunday, Monday & Tuesday mama's had turkey along with gravy & stuffing. I decided to try turkey, and I like it! Solomon was offered some too but he didn't like it. Daniel has not tried it yet.

Mama has to work the days before and after Tanksgiving. :( So we will enjoy her on that day anyway.

Miss Greta


my wishbone and my wish

November 16th 2010 3:13 pm
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I got a wishbone from Catster HQ!

Here's my wish:

I wish that all kitties had loving furever homes.

Miss Greta

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