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Most gentle hugger ever

January 17th 2013 3:42 pm
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I gave the best kitty hugs ever. Today I cross the Rainbow Bridge knowing my family will always remember me as the most laid back & sweet-hearted cat. From the moment I was rescued, I knew I was in a safe and loving place.

My cattery sister, Mary, will carry on. Knead-on Mary! You are going to be fine. It is time for me to go. I have a brain tumor that has caused all those subtle behavior changes and clumsiness. We have been inseparable our entire lives - so, you know I would not leave if I didn't have to.

Biscuit, you enjoy your 2 week run as COTW! You do your best to shed as much fur as I did. We loved the same sunny nap spots & lots of brushing.

Deborah and Emily, you are loveable brats. At one moment head-butting me, then swatting like silly girls. Which you are. Beautiful, but silly. Keep it up.

Muffin, my fellow weight challenged feline....chow down gurl. Don't let them make you count calories or workout on the treadmill. Keep that full-figured thing working for you.

Tara, thanks for sharing your world with me. It is all yours and the rest of us always respect that. Love the water, the sink and sleeping in the sun.

I'm headed to where the food bowl is never empty and there is always an empty lap to fill.

Endless purrs,


Lookin' Good!

July 20th 2012 3:11 pm
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Meow!! I have hit my target weight! In 2009, I ballooned up to 18#. I just love to eat, eat, eat. My human realized it was time to get serious about managing my diet. Slow and steady, the weight came off. I am now a healthy 14#. Still big for a Scottish Fold, but my pedigree includes British Shorthair - so, I come by my size naturally.
Just had my full annual check-up and came home with a purrfect report card!
Lately, I have been amusing everyone by walking into the shower when the human is in there! I just want to rub up against the legs as if it was anywhere else in the house. My extra fur likes to stick to wet skin - Hahahaha.
I am always on the lookout for a snack and a hug. Ever the cuddler. Let me share your space and you may admire my fabulousness. I am helping my human with this post right now. I am a lap full of orangeness.

MOL, Nabi


South Park scores again!

March 28th 2012 10:36 pm
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Hehehe! Couldn't wait to capture my homage to the brilliant writers of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Check out Mary, she wanted a piece of this too. Tara was not so onboard, but hey, she was a good sport.

Just so you know....I am the one posting this entry and the photos. My human is too covered in my excess fur to see the screen clearly.

Would gladly participate in "Faith Hilling" if they find me a shirt. Don't tell anyone, but Tara sometimes does a Taylor Swift. Uh huh.

Night Cartman!




January 15th 2012 4:15 pm
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In the middle of my afternoon nap, my humans decided it was time to trim my claws. Being the most relaxed cat in the world is my claim to fame! I enjoyed a few cheek scritches to wake me up & then just stretched out and let the spa treatment begin. Seriously, there are things to get worked up about, and nail trims are not on that list. Dinner being late - now we are talking some serious business!

It's about that time......where's my food?

Happy New Year!



4th of July Celebrations

July 5th 2011 10:35 am
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I was totally relaxed during all the fireworks. Oh, I did look up a few times to wonder, "What was that?" Seriously, these humans have funny holiday traditions. My favorite tradition is eating twice a day! Everyday! On time, please. That, and making biscuits on my humans.

I was checked out by the vet for a limp, apparently due to a sprained front leg. They don't know, but guessed that I slipped when jumping down from the tall cat tree. While I am supposed to take it easy, the cat tree is now horizontal in the family room! All that means to me is a new configuration to enjoy! Though, occasionally, I stand at the end of the couch looking at the empty space where the cat tree used to stand - with a curious look on my face. Something is missing here......

As soon as my humans arrange for a new dismount system, the cat tree will go back into place. I can hardly wait!!

Forever climbing,


Getting there!

July 13th 2010 2:00 pm
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I just had my annual visit to the vet. She was very pleased with the progress I have made on my diet! My blood work was purrfect. I am looking forward to many years making biscuits on my human's lap and widely distributing excess fur.

Happy Nabi



January 21st 2009 11:42 am
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The dry winter air makes me sneeze - like, I rock the house when I sneeze! I just had a sneezing fit of about 6 in a row. Got my well trained human to turn on the humidifier - Next step, treats.



Holiday Treats

December 27th 2008 12:54 pm
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I thought there would be platters of treats around for us furkids, just like the human has. Hmmmm. Not only are there no festive nibbles, I have to make biscuits all over my human to get breakfast. What is this "sleeping in" concept? I sleep all day! I don't need to sleep in late in the morning. Take a hint - a nap might do you good, human. I can even help with that. I will gladly curl up next to you. Just keep that humidifier on for me. My sinuses really appreciate the extra moisture in the air.

Purrs and headbutts,


Where's Mary?

August 15th 2008 11:10 am
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I have been everywhere in the house this morning and cannot find Mary! We are a bonded pair - so, we always look out for each other. Hmmm, I did see her in the kitty carrier this morning.........ooohhh, maybe she's at the vet's office! That's probably it! I'll settle down and have a good nap and she'll be home when I wake up.



Huggable & Robust

August 7th 2008 9:48 am
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I've had 2 recent trips to the vet's office for my dental care and follow-up. Boy, I complain like mad in the car - but once I get there it's not so bad. I get so many hugs and so much attention - I feel like I am the only kitty around!
I got my summer fur trim a few weeks ago - hint-hint- need some new pictures!! What a surprise. I learned that I am not overweight, afterall. When I was rescued from the shelter a little over a year ago, I was really out of shape. Now, my weight is the same, but I am one buff, macho kitty cat. You know, all that stuff about muscle weighing more than fat? It seems to be true.
Everyone says I am the biggest Scottish Fold they have ever seen. I have my pedigree, so I know I am a purebred Fold - just robust!!! I have a graceful, yet goofy gate. I am amazingly gentle - hee hee, that's why all those girls at the vet's office love to hug me and carry me around.
I have also discovered the master bedroom has a king size bed which gets afternoon sun. OMG! It's like a day at the beach. I stretch out on my back (hint another photo op!) and just purr like a motor boat. Life is good.

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