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The Life of Ka - zar

I want to teach everyone on catster a new langage - Aussie

April 9th 2009 7:48 pm
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Hemingway a great mate of my and a member of the breakfast club made an Aussie cobbler for an evening snack and inspired me to teach any one who wants to learn some Aussie slang. I don't know what they call it slang as makes perfectly good sense to me but here goes.

Some basic Aussie words

Mate - Friend
Bloke - Aussie male
Shelia - Aussie female
Onya - Well done
Cuppa - A cup of tea or coffee if you prefer
Barbie - Barbecue
Drongo - a stupid, inept, awkward or embarrassing person, a dimwit or slow-witted person
Arvo - Afternoon
Happy as Larry - really happy (which is me most of the time)
Whinge - Complain all the time, "what's he whinging about now?"
Tucker - Food
Grog - Alcohol

Here is one last word that I am pretty sure is Aussie but I am not totally sure and will stand corrected if wrong.

Moggie - Cat

So there you have it some basic Aussie words if you read this far I hope you learnt something and had a bit of a laugh.

Purrs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


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