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"Sweet and innocent!"

Home:Albuquerque, NM  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 13 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 6 lbs.

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Kick boxing! [March 20, 2014]

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"Kick boxing! [March 20, 2014]"

Thanks for the DDP photo, WeBeesSiameezers! (DDP March 9, 2014)

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"Thanks for the DDP photo, WeBeesSiameezers! (DDP March 9, 2014)"

Did I hear Santa? (photo Dec. 15, 2013)

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"Did I hear Santa? (photo Dec. 15, 2013)"


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"I've been a very good girl, Santa. (Dec 7, 2013)"


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"I'm ready for Santa! (Dec. 4, 2013)"

Feeling good! [July 9, 2013]

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"Feeling good! [July 9, 2013]"

Saluting Summer!

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"Saluting Summer!"

Basket in the sun. [March 23, 2012]

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"Basket in the sun. [March 23, 2012]"

Nice to see you, Mr. Sun! [May 18, 2013]

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"Nice to see you, Mr. Sun! [May 18, 2013]"

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Ash, silly girl, pretty girl, little dickens!

Quick Bio:

May 17th 2000


Petting, brushing, affection, running through the house, jumping to high places and getting into small spaces.

Beepers, sometimes. She doesn't 'love' having her claws trimmed.

Favorite Toy:
Ribbons! Strings! Someone (me) has to be on the other end dangling them or pulling them along the floor, though.

Favorite Nap Spot:
She likes the heated bed or the heated baby buggy and the window perch in the morning sun.

Favorite Food:
Fancy Feast. For treats, she loves Halo Liv-a-Littles freeze dried chicken, Evo Wild Cravings treats and chicken baby food!

Being adorable.


Arrival Story:
It was a little Burmese sweetie, Lola, who helped mend our hearts after Scooter went to the Bridge. Lola's time with us was so short, though, before she, too, went to the Bridge that I felt there must be a purpose. When a Catster friend offered to help us locate a "retired" Burmese show cat -- if we were interested and when the time was right -- I wondered if that was the 'purpose,' so I accepted her offer but told her it was still too soon. I wanted to see where it led, though. We really wanted to adopt two older cats and our 'ideal' was a bonded pair, but I doubted that came available often. It WAS available! Her friend had a pair of older Burmese she wanted to place in a good home: a male, Beepers, age 11, and his daughter, Ashlynne, age 9 1/2. They had a home with her and always would have if she couldn't find another good home to take them, but they were confined to one room because Beepers didn't get along with her other cats and picked on some of them. He got along well and was bonded with his daughter Ashlynne, though. Their owner wanted them to have the run of the house and be able to sleep with their people at night -- something she couldn't provide them. She would not separate them, so it had to be a home with no cats that would take two older cats. That was us! I felt that was the 'purpose': we were meant to give these two Burmese a chance for a better life... for Lola, for Beepers and Ashlynne, for their owner as well as for us. They were a long way from us, in Cleveland, Ohio, though. We weren't comfortable having them flown to us in pet cargo because they couldn't get from Cleveland to Albuquerque without a transfer. So on January 9, 2010, we flew to Cleveland and returned home with them the next day. Huge thanks to my Catster friend -- the mom of PJ, Callie Jean, Velvet Rose and Katrina -- for telling us about Ashlynne and Beepers and for immeasurable help in carrying out the mission to bring them home.

Ashlynne's a former show cat and breeding queen, born at Laki cattery in PA, where she's still featured in their website Gallery. She was a breeding queen at Evita Burmese in St. Paul, MN, giving birth to several kittens from 2002-2005. Ashlynne and some of her offspring can be seen on Ashlynne's Page on Evita's website. Retired from breeding in 2006, she moved to Ringapurr cattery in Ohio, where she returned to the show ring and earned more awards. When she no longer enjoyed being shown, she was allowed to retire from that, too. Some of her achievements as a 'show girl' are listed separately below. We adopted Ashlynne in January 2010, and she's been a joy to us since then. She has us laughing daily at her sweet silliness. .......... In February 2011, Ashlynne's right eye was removed. See below for more on that.

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Silly girl

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Black Cats Crossing our Paths, Hunka Hunka Burm Love, Pawsome Pages, Special Kitties (Kitties With Disabilities), We're One-derful!

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Iris Melanoma in Ashlynne's right eye:
When we adopted Ashlynne, she had spots in her right eye that had been there for a few years, diagnosed as eye freckles or iris melanosis. In February 2011, I noticed some changes in her eye which led to her being referred to a veterinary ophthalmologist. He determined the melanosis was transitioning to iris melanoma (cancer) and was in danger of spreading beyond her eye. On February 14, 2011, her right eye was removed. The histopathology showed it was, indeed, iris melanoma. It was in the early stages, not yet aggressive, and appeared to be contained within Ashlynne's eye. Removal of her eye will hopefully prove to be the permanent cure. The first few days after surgery were rough, but then Ashlynne bounced back. It was soon apparent she felt better than before -- her eye had bothered her more than we knew. A year later, Feb. 2012, Ashlynne had her first annual chest x-rays to see if her lungs were still clear of tumors, as they were at the time her eye was removed. Iris melanoma often metastasizes to the lungs, but thankfully, Ashlynne's lungs were still clear. She continues to be lively and active.                    UPDATE March 2013: Ashlynne's chest x-rays were again clear - there was absolutely no sign of metastasis from the melanoma that was in her eye.

Ashlynne - Show Girl:
Ashlynne is registered in both CFA and TICA. She achieved CFA Champion in 2001, Grand Champion in 2002, 'Best of Breed' and 'Best of Color Class' [Sable] in the Great Lakes Region in 2001-2002. After she retired from breeding in 2006, she returned to the show ring as an alter, earning more awards: Premier and Grand Premier (CFA) 2006, Supreme Grand Champion Alter (TICA) 2007, Best Burmese Alter of the Year 2006-2007 (TICA), Sixteenth Best Alter of the Year 2006-2007 (TICA). She even flew to Hannover, Germany, in Sept. 2006 to compete in the TICA Annual Show. Ashlynne has been in shows all over the Great Lakes region and from PA and NY in the east, to Florida in the south, and as far west as Las Vegas, NV, and Tucson, AZ. The furthest she travels now is a few miles to the vet, hopefully only a couple of times a year. She's still a good traveler, but she's always very happy to get back home.

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A Dash of Ashlynne

The Divine Miss P.

April 9th 2014 7:59 am
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A while back, before SAY Media first said they were closing the Catster community, I wrote in my diary about my mom forgetting to renew our Catster Plus. Most of my 200 photos had disappeared! I said we had to have Plus because, "What would Pansy do without my 200 lovely pictures to admire?"

I was teasing Pansy because . . well, because it's fun to tease Pansy and I'm sure she loves it. Oh my yes. She loves it, I know she does.


But now the question is, if the nasty EVIL tumor in Pansy's lung wins, what will I do without Pansy?? :( Pansy makes me *giggle* so hard I have to *RUN* for the litter box!

What will we all do without Pansy Perfect - The Divine Miss P. - to entertain us, make us laugh and brighten our day?

I don't want to find out, so please purr for Pansy to hold EVIL far, far away for a very long time.

dashing off to purr as hard as I can for Pansy


another year free and clear

March 5th 2014 7:56 am
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I went to the vet yesterday afternoon for the groping, poking and sticking ritual. Why do they insist on putting us through that?? I even had to endure the additional torture of chest x-rays again.

But the worst thing -- THE WORST THING EVER! -- was when the vet cuddled me. She even cradled me like a baby and then rubbed my belly while I was upside-down and helpless in her arms. Can you imagine anything worse? Neither can I. I gave her the stink eye -- and she knew it! It wasn't funny, though, so I don't know why she laughed.

After the torture, we got good news, though. My lungs are still free of tumors and spots. All clear! It's just over three years now since my close call with the iris melanoma that claimed my right eye, and there are still no signs that any of the cancer spread beyond my eye.

You only need one eye to give a good stink eye, anyway.

dashing off to finish my nap


Hello Goodbye

March 2nd 2014 2:07 pm
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We never wrote our 'farewell' diary entries, but since is the last day Catster would have been around had it not been for the mysterious new partner who rode in to save the day and the Community, it's time for us to say goodbye. . . AND hello!

Hello Goodbye

dashing off to celebrate the non-closing

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