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Cat-Fashion Icon Lulu Guinness Releases Kitty Tees for UNIQLO

The cat-loving British designer lent her feline aesthetic to a cool line of tees for the Japanese retailer.

 |  May 2nd 2012  |   0 Contributions

UNIQLO, the leading casual clothing retailer in Japan, recently included some catty new additions to the UT Project, its limited-edition collection of T-shirts designed by renowned artists, designers, and photographers.

British accessories designer Lulu Guinness (we covered her cat umbrellas, coin purses, and totes in a recent postjoined fans earlier this week at the Oxford Street UNIQLO store in London for sweet treats and cocktails to help celebrate the launch of her cat-heavy line of fashionable tees for the internationally known brand.

Fans got to meet designer Lulu Guinness at a party celebrating the launch of her tees at the Oxford Street UNIQLO store.

Lucky guests were treated to goodies like French Macarons and Rose Lemonade!

The shirts come splashed in Guinness' signature array of graphic prints like cameos and red lips, while cat-inspired styles include a black cat who chills happily on your hip, a coquettish floating feline face, and an all-over kitty print that comes in black or white.

Sadly, the shirts aren't available online, although you can browse the entire collection at the UNIQLO website. For those hoping to get their paws on these purrfect tees, you'll have to hit one of UNIQLO's stores (or eBay) to pick up some of the unique feline fashions of your own.


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