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10 thoughts on “Do you need to connect with Catster?”

  1. I have been a cat parent for 44 years, and a paranormal investigator for well over 10 years. I wanted to write you about your article "Remembering kitty". In the past few years I have documented three separate accounts of my cats coming back to visit. Well over 25 years ago, we had a black and white cat named Checkers. He was a short haired cat, but his fur was very sharp when he rubbed against your leg after coming out of the shower. One day I had felt two rough rubs against my leg, I looked down and none of our current cats were in the room. I mentioned this to my wife (a skeptic) and she admitted that she had felt the same thing about a week before. The next visit came from our most loved ever black cat Jazz. As in the article it was corner of the eye phenomena, and I used what is called a MEL Meter to back it up.The shadow also set the alarm on my meter off for about 9 seconds. Finally about two months ago I saw a cat patrolling under the dinner table. My son's cat (a torti) used to do that, but she is now living with him. I looked down and saw only the hind portion of a white, orange, and brown spotted cat. My wife was taken back by the shock on my face after seeing it for perhaps 1-2 seconds. We never had a cat that color before. I will still feel saddened at their loss, but now I know that some do return. Most will not believe this until it happens to them.

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