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  Group Name Description Location Members  Details
  The Pampered kitty's group
(Domestic Shorthair)
Spoiled to the bone
All kitty's may join, Especially if Pampered.... Lafayette, Indiana, United States  461 join
  The Black Kitties
(Domestic Shorthair)
We rock your world!
We are the Black Kitties!!! Chicago, Illinois, United States  203 join
  Patchwork Calicos!
(Domestic Shorthair)
Calicos, Calicos & more Calicos!
A special group for fun loving & playful calicos. Alhambra, California, United States  185 join
  Fat Cat Society
(Domestic Shorthair)
Fat cats rule
feel free to be a FAT CAT Somerset, Massachusetts, United States  146 join
  Plastic Lickers Anonymous
(Domestic Shorthair)
Plastic is the best!
To all cats who love to lick plastic...YUMMY~!~ Richmond, Virginia, United States  127 Invite Only
  Cat Lovers
(Domestic Shorthair)
Cute and cuddly cats
Purrrfect for cat lovers St. Louis, Missouri, United States  119 join
(Domestic Shorthair)
TABBIES TABBIES TABBIES La Habra, California, United States  116 join
  Lucky Cat Club!
(Domestic Shorthair)
lucky cats
Welcome to the Lucky Cat Club! Where every cat can be... [more] Augusta, Georgia, United States  103 join
  Rescued Tabbys 'R Us
(Domestic Shorthair)
Group for any/all rescued Tabbys
Welcome Rescued Tabbys!!! Obetz, Ohio, United States  101 join
  ~Domestic Shorthairs of Awesomeness!~
(Domestic Shorthair)
Domestic Shorthair, awesomeness
Welcome! Please join if you own an American Shorthair cat! ~Doritos... [more] Lincolnshire, Illinois, United States  96 join
  ***The Quiz Club***
(Domestic Shorthair)
Take a quiz on your personality,etc.. United States  87 join
  little kittens with big dreams
(Domestic Shorthair)
big things start with little dreams
"All little kittens have big dreams" Columbia, South Carolina, United States  81 join
  the black is back
(Domestic Shorthair)
are you a black, white, or colorful cat?
hi i'm shadow Ayer,ma, Massachusetts, United States  65 join
  Cuddly Calicos
(Domestic Shorthair)
Crazy Calicos
For those that have Calicos that would like to meet other... [more] Cape Coral, Florida, United States  63 join
  Here Kitty Kitty
(Domestic Shorthair)
every one can join the club
Welcome Neighborhood, Pennsylvania, United States  58 join
  Justice for the Animals
(Domestic Shorthair)
Because no animal deserves to be hurt
For all animals that have survived animal cruelty Whitesboro, New York, United States  46 join
  Kings & Queens of Catster!
(Domestic Shorthair)
Royal Cats
This is a Royal group for us Cats & Kitties! Augusta, Georgia, United States  45 join
  Friends till the End.
(Domestic Shorthair)
Friends welcome friends.
Friends till the end will never let you down! Albany, Georgia, United States  42 join
  Crazy cats
(Domestic Shorthair)
They all done it!
Everytring about cat you like to discuss Nova Scotia, Canada  39 join
  Kitty and Doggy Dating Service
(Domestic Shorthair)
Puppy and kitty loves in the air!
Your pet can date others Salisbury, Maryland, United States  35 join
  Yellow Cuties club
(Domestic Shorthair)
You Yellow cuties join are group
Yellow Cuties United States  35 join
(Domestic Shorthair)
Welcome all black cats and dogs!!! I hope you have fun... [more] New York, United States  28 join
  Siamese domestic shorthairs.
(Domestic Shorthair)
Siamese cats Domestic shorthairs come in
Hello, wipe you paws before you come in! Visalia, California, United Kingdom  27 join
  Tabbies With Gratitude!
(Domestic Shorthair)
Just a group for gratitude.
You can be Orange or Tabby or Orange Tabby. If not... [more] Australia  25 join
  here kitty kitty!
(Domestic Shorthair)
calling all cats
here kitty kitty, come here! Ww,ire, Ireland  24 join
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