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(Domestic Long Hair)
ALL ARE WELCOME!!! Nebraska, United States  230 join
  Cotton Ball Kitties
(Domestic Long Hair)
Fluffy Kitties Unite!
We are the balls of fluff of Catster! Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States  109 join
  The Cute Pets and Adopt me's
(Domestic Long Hair)
yo =)
all pets or anials in need of adoption that are cute... [more] Right Hea, Massachusetts, United States  41 join
  Hair tie frenzy!!!
(Domestic Long Hair)
Elastic hair ties!!!!
Oh! Elastic hair ties, to find, and add to my food... [more] Duluth, Georgia, United States  41 join
  The Long-Haired Kittys Clan
(Domestic Long Hair)
A group for long-furred cats to have fun
Every long-haired kitty's dream! Welcome all long-fur cats!   37 join
  DLH Calicos!
(Domestic Long Hair)
Adorable DLH calicos.
A group for domestic long hair calicos.   35 join
  The Cuddler's
(Domestic Long Hair)
Super Cute and Mellow
Welcome and Enjoy North Carolina, United States  30 join
  Cute Fluffer Puffer kitties and Dogs of America!
(Domestic Long Hair)
Fluffer Puffers are loved and enjoyed!
Fluffer puffers welcome!!!!!! Rescue,ca, California, United States  23 join
  Ferris Support Group
(Domestic Long Hair)
Help for My Pet
Kitty Needs Some Love and Owner Needs Some Advice Waltham, Massachusetts, United States  20 join
  Long Haired Friends Unite
(Domestic Long Hair)
Long Haired
Long Haired Felines Welcome!!!   16 Invite Only
  Pepper Fan Club
(Domestic Long Hair)
There's a little Pepper in everyone!
Are you a fan of my kitty Pepper? Then join this... [more]   3 join
  The Kats Club
(Domestic Long Hair)
This is The Kats Club!!
This is just the start The Wood Tree, Washington, United States  2 join
  Domestic Long hairs
(Domestic Long Hair)
Domestic Long Hairs!
All Domestic Long Haired Cats are in this group Bay Village, Ohio, United Kingdom  2 Invite Only
  Audrey Hepburn Fans Furrever
(Domestic Long Hair)
Furry fans of Audrey Hepburn are welcome
"A nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot... [more] Ontario, Canada  0 Invite Only

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