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  For The Meezers!
A group for all of my fellow Siameses!   485 join
  Siamese Love
Once you had a Siamese u can'tgo back
For Siamese cat owners & lovers   453 join
  We are Si-am-ee-ese if You Plea-ese!
Siamese Mixed Kitties and their Humans
For Siamese Mixed Kitties and their Humans   164 join
  Meezer Junction
All Meezers and Kin Aboard!
We are kitties that are connected to a Meezer somehow and... [more]   163 join
  Flame Point Siamese Kitty Group
Peachy cheesecake looking kitties rule!
Flame Point Siamese and mixed that look like Flame Point siamese... [more] San Francisco, California, United States  155 join
  ------Siamiese lovers-------
Siamese cats
LOVE siamese cats come here and fast! (NOT Siamese cat owners... [more] United States  93 join
  SIAMESE LOVERS Around the World Act II
Siamese Lovers Unite!
Welcome to SIAMESE LOVERS Around The World Act II. If... [more]   92 Invite Only
  Love Them Siamese
C'mon in and visit
"We are SIAMESE if you please>>" North Dakota, United States  88 join
  Rescued Siamese
Rescued Siamese cats   71 join
  Siamese and the City
Metropolitan Meowers
Sassy Siamese from Cosmopolitan Cities New York, New York, United States  64 join
  Illinios Cats/Kittens
Looking for close friends
Looking for friends in Illinois Illinois, United States  39 join
  Siamese and Oriental Cat Chat Club Online
A fun and friendly board for owners and breeders of Siamese... [more] Kent, United Kingdom  38 join
  Siamese Kitties Club
Siamese are pretty
For Siamese Lovers San Francisco, California, United States  33 join
  Siamese Society
We are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you... [more]   32 Invite Only
  Siamese and Oriental Cat Chat Club
A fun and friendly board for owners and breeders of Siamese... [more] United Kingdom  31 join
  Marvelous Meezers
Siamese Pride
"Cats, like butterflies, need no excuse." - Robert A. Heinlein   26 join
  Siamese Kitties!
A Cat is Woman's best friend.
Welcome all young simease kittens!   21 join
  I am Siamese if you Pleeze
Siamese Pleeze
A group for Siamese cats and lovers Blairstown, New Jersey, United States  20 Invite Only
  siamese cats unite
siamese are sweet
A good siamese with a good heart Bluefield, West Virginia, United States  19 join
  All you can pet Siamese Kittys!!!
Siamese is the kitty to be!
All Siamese cats are welcome! Play nice! Rogers, Arkansas, United States  19 join
  Ten years or more (siamese)
No looking back
This post is for members who have owned a siamese for... [more] Tennessee, United States  18 Invite Only
  Illinois Siamese
Siamese cats in Il or around the world Chicago, Illinois, United States  18 join
  siamese cats +babys unite!!!!!
siamese talking time
siamese or siamese breed mixed welcome Wilminton Hometown, Delaware, United States  15 join
  EVIL KITTYS hwo love to be bad
we are bad to the bone
time to cause TROUBLE!!! Whilminton Homtown, Delaware, United States  14 join
  Siamese Fan Club
For siamese lovers
We are siamese if you please... Spain  10 join
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